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I am currently working on an HO scale roundhouse so I will start off with posting something that I have constructed in the past. Lets see what you have been working on.100_3848100_3849100_3850100_3851100_3852100_3853


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I posted these earlier in the week on the 2 rail scale forum. A friend asked me to come up with 2 coal ash loads for some Intermountain Lehigh Valley 2 bay hoppers which will be shelf queens. He had an old B&W photo of a car with the ash just barely over the top. He wanted the other to be low in the hopper.



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Alan can't get much better than that

Rail, such a unique idea and follow through

Slowly but surely Hotel Charles is coming along

IMG_8858rev IMG_8851rev


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Ray, nice modeling. Having been a mason/bricklayer, I can appreciate the artistry that was common in buildings all across the country. There is a parallel comparison between today's construction methods and materials, and the automotive industry output. Everything is so utilitarian, but nothing to grab attention.

Alan, as usual your building project is amazing. All that pipe work makes it look so real. WGP Pete rocks really look nice, what don't you like?  Ray just amazing work on Hotel Charles. The details are excellent. Really one of my favorite structures on the Forum.


I hope everyone is getting along well.

Alan and Sidehack – Outstanding workmanship on the tank and hotel.

This picture shows models on the northwest corner of my 12’-by-8’ model railroad, built more than twenty years ago.




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MELGAR, I really like those two houses. Nice work. Amazing to think they were built 20 years ago.


Here is a building I completed a while back and installed on the club layout. We have a hidden staging yard that leads onto the main line and a portal just did not fit. This building was created from a a 48" x 17" piece of Masonite I added and detailed the overhanging offices and included two red flashing lights. I went with a tin exterior which I made using manila folder cut into  1" x 2" pieces which scale to a 4'x8' sheets which I ran through a crimper then glued to the Masonite. The windows are from Tichy and the signs were laser cut by Andre Garcia 

Great work everyone



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 Got back to working on my milk station. Long ways from being complete. Worked with what I had on hand and now need some more supplies to finish it up. The windows and doors are from Tichy and just set in place. The building will be painted white. Lettered for Borden’s. The foundation bocks I picked up at the Big E. Didn’t have a project in mind for them I now need to pick up another bag. The missing wall is not to busy window wise. So it shouldn’t take long to finish it up.

 What did take a while was the can conveyer. Soldered a bunch of brass stock together. The station had to be kept cool. Farmers unloaded their cans on to it . They didn’t have to pass through the building. The back wall that’s plain. Will butt right up to the planned ice house.



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A customer started this little track side shed more than 50 years ago. He sent me this along with the Blair Line Country Store kit to finish. It was constructed of some kind of heavy cardboard. I had to replace almost every thing since the card board was so old while it did take glue the card board paper would pull right up when one pushed on a glued party. The only part of the original shed is the cardboard interior which I used to braced the clap board siding though in hind sight I should have tossed this too. This is still a work in progress but it is close to paint.

Below are some photos during assembly.

The original building was set on a cardboard base laminated with scribed wood that was severely warped. I tried to save it but soaking both sides and a few days with all those bricks did nothing. I tossed the base and built a new one.

Landess Custom Shed [1)

Landess Custom Shed [10)

The roof was in the same condition so I made a new one using basswood blanks. Clap board was glued to the card board super structure (hopefully not a mistake).

Landess Custom Shed [5)


Landess Custom Shed [8)



I started with some corner bracing but as you can see only two are left. they are glued to the card board - a wayward finger and they pop right off.


to get close to the customer design I took a Tichy 8-pane window and turned it into a large 4-pane. I'm working on the doors now.



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NW MTH GRAIN ebay 20 [1)

NW MTH GRAIN ebay 20 [2)

NW MTH GRAIN ebay 20 [3)

NW MTH GRAIN ebay 20 [4)

NW MTH GRAIN ebay 20 [5)

NW MTH GRAIN ebay 20 [6)

NW MTH GRAIN ebay 20 [7)

NW MTH GRAIN ebay 20 [8)

NW MTH GRAIN ebay 20 [10)NW MTH GRAIN ebay 20 [11)


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 Happy Sunday Morning !  Beautiful work everyone'...!  First time posting on this thread .  Was recommended by Melgar, to show current build on SSS. I 'm  quite impressed with the excellent modeling on this thread...

Say hello to Blanch, & Otto'.. and their DSL Shops, Greystone front. 














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Great stuff guys. I’ve had a rough weekend. Everything I touched this weekend went to heck. First I busted a brand new part trying to fix the car, which apparently set the tone for the weekend. 
Thought I’d get the stress relief by working on some trains, so I got back to work on my TP factory, and ended up busting that apart too, trying to fit the floors in. 
Sunday was apparently my day. I got the factory all fixed back up, added a bump out so I could hide the garage doors on the back side that I didn’t want, and made it all one color. 


The car, unfortunately is still waiting for overnight parts, so it’s still stuck.


But it’s O scale buddy is doing just fine!


I’m not sure if the real car or the model is rarer.... 


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