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Great stuff, everyone.....this is what Gilly@N&W , myself and crew are doing for the modular club. This is nothing like the fabulous work being done above.......

If gathering restrictions are eased we will be part of a 2 day train show later this Spring. As a fund-raiser, we decided to use some of our donated trains to make a fully decorated PostWar style layout for a 2 day raffle.

It has been built on a hollow core door and i't only cost to us are the door and the paint.

Here are pics so far:


It was have a Lionel 4-4-2 steamer with 4 freight cars. A 1033 transformer will power the layout.

We will finish it off with some Plasticville/Marx type buildings and total  cost will be about $60.



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Finished up the last of the extra details on the first section this week. Just need to wire up the building. So added bushes to the outside edge. Cut up a old tie to make a little scene of a changed out tie. Added another track figure to the truck scene. Still need to add some stuff to the bed of it. Weathered the brewery, added some figures and a piece of wood in the edge of the platform.


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