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Good Morning Everyone,

I will start out with a couple of tank models I just completed. These may be the last two models that I finish in this shop. I will be making a move within the next few months. My new model area will be smaller than what I have now, but I think I can create a nice workspace and still produce anything.

Let's see what you have been working on.20230930_19305220230930_19494220230930_19494820230930_195002


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Cool and rainy in central VA this week.......did not get much done.....and, was heavily involved with Modular Group stuff as you can see for the link below.

I did get to start painting a building.

Colonial Red Satin and will dull it with acrylic  Wild Berry, Terra Cotta and Antique White. Just started..... we are now in train season, so things will go slower.....


Have a great week, everyone.



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Been hard at work for several weeks and finally have something worth showing.
The overall feel for this section is being in the middle of Boston surrounded on all sides by buildings.  Following the prototype means I include the really ugly and utilitarian buildings, and with the space I have I had enough room just for a partial yard office for the Union Freight yard.  So this is designed as a "look through" building that will have to have internal detailing to finish it.  Doesn't look like much to see it but spent hours getting a design close to prototype...Prototype



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Nice work this week Alan, Peter, and Dave.
This week I was working on integrating a tunnel portal and grade crossing for a branch line to an industrial area on my layout. The branch passes under the mainline, and I wanted to connect the scenery with the existing backdrop to the right. I had to remove some trees, rock outcrops, and foliage clumps, then raise the elevation to match the tunnel. At the same time, I’m laying out a road with a crossing and sharp turn in the foreground.
So here are some in-process photos.


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I believe I’ve seen your wonderful work while even on a kitchen table in front of the window view of the coastal waters. You are so versatile Alan.

My wife Carol always says the “amount of space doesn’t matter,  organization is the key”.

This afternoon I share my need to tone down the terrific bright light bleed through my exterior walls from the Just Plug LED inside the Marca-Mae Shoppe.

Yesterday I added the second coat of Light Block from Woodlands Scenic. The black block has improved my bleed situation but I believe I need to touch up a few places and just toning down the amount of brightness will help once the building is on display on the layout.

I enjoyed your sharing of projects today guys. Thanks 😊


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  • IMG_5705: Black Light Block
  • IMG_5561: Marca-Mae light bleed
  • IMG_5706: Blacked out interior walls
  • IMG_5709: Exterior after blackout has been added
@Seth Thomas posted:

Trying to find a control cabinet to use next to my Crossing Signals I have for my 3 track crossings.

I ordered an electrical Relay Cabinet as found on Etsy.  Assembled the kit and will paint gray now. Not really happy with the look right now. I think the best part is the Danger Warning sign on the front two doors. 😆


Not sure how detailed you require you relay cabinets, but I built these from scrap pieces of styrene using a Lionel cabinet as a template for rough dimensions. I haven’t weathered, detailed, or added decals, but it’s a fairly easy and cheap project.


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