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A happy ending.......last week I showed you this mess that I was trying to fix up for the upcoming holiday season:


One of my modular group buddies, PeterM, came to the rescue with his circular sander:


After sanding, and a little paint, much better......this gives us a temporary "clean and organized" look for the upcoming holiday us time to think through a permanent solution for next year......


....a few cars, trucks and people, and, we're done......



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You always make it seem like, "I sat down this afternoon and made this".  Is it that easy or is this days/weeks worth of work?   Looks great!!!


Looking good.  Have you considered using masonite bases for module scenery?  They can be worked on anywhere and then just put into place on the layout.  When you are tired of them, just remove the base and you have a clean layout.


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The latest scenery project on my layout:


Just kidding, that shot was taken yesterday morning  from the top of Turkey Mountain in Yorktown Heights, NY. during a hike.

I will try to recreate this on my layout with features of The Put, which had a Yorktown Heights train station that still exists, though not operational. Arnold


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Lot's of ideas and suggestions out there for realistic waterfalls. My layout was featured in the Oct 2013 issue of 'the other rag' and there happened to be an article in it on how to make waterfalls along with the usual methods of silicon caulk, cellophane, and the like.  Had no idea that article was going to be with mine. I used a photo I had taken of 'Looking Glass Falls' on NC 276 just north of Brevard NC that is 65' high and close to the road. I printed it out and used it in several places on our layout to great effect. What do you think?


By bringing the scenery right up to the edges and adding some white paint to the horizontal surface, it looks like the foam is real. The rock face flanking the falls is part of the photo here above. The plaster rocks and lichen are on top of the photo.



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