Hello - I finally made some progress on my ore mine. It took way longer than I thought but its coming together. I am hopeful I will get the rock wall painted today, since it is cold in WI - perfect trainyard day! I included a before photo also.

What's left to do -

Add ground cover, rocks etc

Build mine camp buildings


Wire up the LED inside the lower tunnel

On the mine camp buildings, I struggle with scale. My layout is O scale but I am using HO for the mine scene. I may try to build something in between in terms of size.



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Just finished two building fronts. These are flat. the next 12 behind them have 1 inch sides. Those are painted and need mortar next.

2019-10-12 Building flats 004

2019-10-12 Building flats 005

2019-10-12 Building flats 001

2019-10-12 Building flats 002

I also finished assembly of some industrial tanks. They are to be painted white with Hess logos. The vertical tank is wired for a flashing red beacon.

2019-10-12 Building flats 006

2019-10-12 Building flats 007

Joe Fauty


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