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@S. Islander posted:

Trying a new photo backdrop.

STGEO 04     

S. Islander

In my opinion, this is a perfect photo backdrop for Staten Island because the buildings in Manhattan and on Ellis Island are far away (the camera was focused at infinity) so their perspective does not change when viewed from a point on Staten Island. Therefore, the backdrop looks realistic from any point on the layout. The nearby buildings are also good - not too close to the viewer. Very nice.


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@coach joe posted:

Rich I see some candidates for Tall Building Tuesday in this photoBAD4F164-F303-4BA5-BFA8-45F6119C4CF1

And this powerhouse(?) is way too nice looking to be crammed up against the factory.E560A7D1-70E8-4FF4-ABD1-D49D2156F6BF

4D52A033-51EE-440B-98D2-E5E5B6403008Cold youplease  provide info on this building?

Thanks Joe,

The brick building is a kit bash of a Korber 950 flag company building, I think I used 2 or 3 kits.  The other structure is a lasercut kit I bought on like, I think they call it a municipal building. I detailed it a bit more and it is a garage/ truck repair shop.   The kits I believe were made for the gamming industry - I will look for a name.

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