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Your posted photos don't show that superb tower at the top front corner of the hotel. Can you please post a closeup picture? Thanks.


It towers above my valance. The building is set at street height for Schenectady  but stay tuned crazy Don will be making some urban and ceiling adjustments in the near future because we will be creating two more historical Schenectady landmarks the Vendome Hotel with working clocks on the tower and the Van Curler Opera house.





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Don, it is so special, so cool, that your layout has models of real past and present structures from Schenectady, NY where you work and/or live.

Modeling in this fashion makes your layout transcend trains, such that your layout, while having great appeal to model railroaders, also has appeal to others with little or no interest in trains.

Your layout has historical significance.

People that live or work in your area, or have done so in the past, must love seeing your layout.

Also, I can't think of a better way to promote the Greatest Hobby in the World than to build, operate and share a layout like yours.


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