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Hey guys. I am continuing my tour around the layout. Today we are moving “east” and also checking out the lower level below Union Station.

I am a big fan of Diners and just had to have one on the layout. This is a Bars Mill model taking center stage. My Mom’s name is Betty (92 years young) and it was built in her honor. Populated with Arttista figures and some diecast cars and trucks. Looks like the officers are “rousting” the gentleman a little down on his luck. The parking lot is a great place for some railfanning and 2 enthusiasts are positioned to get the perfect shot. In my daydream world, when I shrink myself down to 1:48 scale, that is me and my grandson watching trains after a hearty breakfast. Further down the line, an Atlas tower controls all traffic heading in and out of Union Station. This particular structure has survived 2 previous layouts and deserves to be featured. Finally, I added an old Atlas tool shed and some relay boxes to control all the signals. Look for my post recently “For Santa Fe fans”, there are a lot of tower pictures.

Below the Station is my “lower level”. I needed a yard area for car storage and also wanted to “open up that level” a bit since a lot of it is covered by the upper main level. I think it all works and gave me the opportunity to provide a lower level platform for passenger traffic. Again, I went to my favorite Atlas tower to control the train traffic and added the passenger platform. The passengers access this area via an elevator or escalator up to the main floor of the station. I have 4 storage tracks, all around 10’ long running under the layout. The open area is tight to work in but doable sitting on a stool. I already had to replace a switch for a set of broken points (that Steve replaced for me free of charge!).

Enjoy the pics and have a great Sunday!





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