Sunday Scenic Showcase October 8,2017

Happy Sunday, Alan Thanks for keeping this going.

Here is a kit bashed Korber Grain Silo.. This used to be the complete model and I took it apart to accommodate a flat space I had available on the TMB Train club main yard. I had 37" across and a minimum of 17"high. The real challenge was that I had only 5" of depth to work with. I built up the base using 3/4 plywood. The beer bottle is resin cast  from Harry Hieke.  The Bud label was copied from an internet image glued in place and sealed with DullCote. The painting isnt perfect but it just adds to a  weathered look. Lets see what you all have this week





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Alan, Steve, and Sirt:  Thank you

A relatively simple Korber kit.   I spent some time on the roof panels, plastic, supplied as part of the kit.  Idea was to make them look old with the galvanize worn and rusted. 

Quincy Machine Shop.  Note: Masonite base was not part of the kit.  Some roof framing and fascia boards were also added to the kit. 


prrhorseshoecurve posted:

Nice job Steve, I always wondered in the 1:1 why the customers put up with the unsanitary condition of the product as well as the large loss of dunnage!


I always wondered if we ate the cereal carried in those grain box cars infested with weebles. Sand for the diesels wouldn't matter much. It just indicates how poor the B&O budget was as the S.I. guys had to make their own car to transport diesel sand, no hoppers allocated to the Island I guess? 



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Your work is perfect.


That is my favorite Korber building to kitbash.


The grain silo looks great. I really like the color.

I am starting a Korber Modular building at my original shop. Here is a picture of the building sketch and how the parts will be layed out. I am adding a 1/2-inch high concrete footing to the building to allow hopper cars to enter the back bay.


Alan GrazianoP1020760P1020761


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Note:   Peter's modules are being upgraded, the white is a liberal application of Elmer's white glue which in a days time will dry clear.  The abuse of movement, set-up, and tear-down, cause the scenery and ballast to loosen, and eventually need extensive repair, or, as Peter has shown, an occasional add of liberal white glues fixes a lot of evil.   Thanks for the pictures Peter.   

Other repair, (1.) bent/dented track, we also spend a fair amount of time (2.) painting track,  (3.) More elaborate city diorama's seem to need constant work.  (4.) Electrical detail always needs some work, especially accessory items. (5.) Face boards, sides of the module, constantly need re-stained and poly coat applied.  (6.) Legs and leveling system on occasion need repair, adjustment.   All part of the movable, modular world.

IMO, Mike CT.    

Alan, do you always work that neat or is staged for the camera? If you do, you're a better man than me. When I work it looks like uncontrolled chaos, but stuff does eventually gets done. I too wonder at sending grain shipments in open box cars. Seems like a jerry rigged scheme waiting for a better answer, but the car looks great! Same for the grain elevator!

Ah ha! So... Al... that's how you do it. I seriously should adopt that method. I mean... I'm the guy that does the dishes in our house and the kitchen is spotless each night when I'm done. But that behavior doesn't translate to the shop. I have no idea why. It would speed up my work since I spend a lot of time looking for tools that I've got somewhere on my pile on the bench... actually benches since I have more than one work surface in action at any one time. I think I'll give it a try.

Uh... I do know why. I have a deal with my wife that work stops in the shop at 5:00 p.m. I usually try to get "one more thing" done before I have to quit. That's the time I should spend cleaning up. It goes back to my impatience to get the project done. As I've said many times before, I am not patient. I am persistent! There is a big difference.

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