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We are getting ready to re-ballast our yard on the modular layout.......we are going to do cinders as a base and then highlight it with sand and other materials.....

We got a generous donation of a canister Brennan's ballast andtwo canisters lightweight cinders which we figure is Scenic Express and not the Woodland Scenic which we normally use. Here I am trying it out on our "ballasting practice board". That's Brennan's ballast adjacent to it.


I'll check it again Tuesday which will be 72 hours.



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A little off beat - our club was invited to a museum in Prescott to set up tables and run trains. Part of the setup was a 'track' ramp made by a club member. Three cars are suspended at the top. Once a bar was lifted they would race down the track. at the bottom was a sensor. The first car that hit lit up a red light. I was getting tire just watching the kids running back and forth to race then set up the cars again. I'm in the far left corner probably dozing.

Sharlet Hall 2021

Sharlet Hall 2021 1

Sharlet Hall 2021 2


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@CA John posted:

“Are you and I the only two people who still use blue-grid graph paper?”

No MELGAR, you are not!




I'm glad to see there are at least three of us. Pencil sketching on a piece of graph paper is the first step in design, as far as I'm concerned. Once you've thought out a concept and made a sketch, you can take it to a CAD program to do the details. However, the slide rule on the cover of the graph paper pad is a little bit dated. As a concession to technology, maybe it should show a calculator.


@Forty Rod posted:

8 to the inch.

4 to the inch.

2 to the inch.

1 to the inch.

Harder and harder to find in most stores but thank God for Amazon.

If you are in between pads of graph paper, you can do an internet search and download an appropriate page size for your printer. There are multiple websites that offer it for free. I use which has graphs up to 24 lines per inch.

Count me as another who enjoys using graph paper.

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