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Hey guys. The last few weeks I have been highlighting my engine service facilities with pics that did not make the cut for my feature article last month. Today, I am moving on around the layout starting in the west and moving east. This area did not get a lot of attention in the article simply because there is not a lot going on. But it is worthy of some screen time! 

This is a small neighborhood, the kind you find leaving the big city. It has the ubiquitous corner bar and factory (by Woodland Scenics), a few MTH townhouses and (2) older Weaver house kits. The “flats” are old Walther buildings (now by Atlas) and Todd Architectural Models. Doug also designed and built the Hotel in the corner. Back against the wall are Ameritown flats (by OGR) that I salvaged from the old layout. The track leads to hidden staging and storage. 

A brand new Control Tower (MTH) just got constructed in the area between the wye and it looks like the local Corvette Club has taken over the parking lot at the bar.           

Enjoy the pics and have a great Sunday!




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Alan, just amazing tanks and buildings. I like the weathering effects too.  Donald the pictures are great, really appreciate all the photos you are posting. I am getting so many ideas for my layout from your pictures. Steve REA building is fantastic as are all your projects, really neat. Peter I have to laugh, I started to straighten up my work area and the same thing happened! I found all these neat items I forgot I had   WBG Pete those roads are so realistic, fantastic addition to your wonderful layout.

Thanks to all for another inspiration Showcase.


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