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What year is the model rag top ford in foreground?         

1948 Ford Deluxe 1:43 by Motor Max.


My bad.  Just realized have the same in maroon pulling a trailer. Guess with that trailer hanging on there never really saw what the rear end looked like.


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Working on some building fronts


Beautiful, Joe. I really like the Ameritowne model kits. I may do something similar... Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery...

Photo by:



Melgar - sweet! I really like the mortar work.

Joe Fauty

I'm working on the layout but not actually building any structures so.....Here is one for Memory lane an Ice Cream factory but could be converted to a Meat works which did happen now it is all a memory only the tracks remain now used by Republic Steel as an interchange yard compare the photos. Everything was scratch built except the concrete ice works at the end of the plant. Making the ice platform on a curve that was in place tested my patience but I got there in the end sadly the whole thing ended up in the trash bin after a few years no O scale buyers where I live. Roo.



ice24Ice Brid4ge 004Ice Bridge 042Ice Bridge 0011ice23


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The skill level and the work that goes into the detail here is mind boggling to me. "good work"

is an understatement. Just incredible to me. I look up to you-guys. Nick 



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