I have 8 3rd Rail locomotives and I have no real complaints with mine. I have two different versions of the CPR Mikado and they are absolutely worth the $$$.

  I have met Scott at York and he is very approachable and awesome to deal with

 I am quite grateful for the Canadian Steam and Diesel models he has produced thus far


CAPPilot posted:

I do want to mention that I tried to purchase a 3rd Rail PRR S2 - twice.  These were used and from different sellers.  However when I received them a lot of the wheels from the pilot truck, training truck, and tender were loose in the box.  When I tried reinstalling them they were very loose and one truck had a cracked side frame.  Both were returned.  I think that was an early 3rd Rail engine.

Received some interesting additional info on that 3rd Rail S2. It was the first engine sold under 3rd Rail's brand but not built by Sunset.  It was actually a Williams brass product that Williams could not make the final payment on when the engines were ready.  Sunset made that final payment, received the engines, made up some boxes and sold the engines under the new 3rd Rail brand. 

It makes me feel better that those S2’s were not really a 3rd Rail product.  They were not the quality product they have produced since.





Volunteers don't get paid, not because they are worthless, but because they are priceless!  Author Sherry Anderson

Here's one of the 35 3 rail Rock Island Rockets - (yes it is a car short - I just haven't photographed that car yet )  It came well packaged, it looks great, and on a test run it ran just fine. (The CEO has promised me floor running rights in the near future so I can have more time to run this gem).




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GG1 4877 posted:

A sampling of 3rd Rail / Sunset Locomotives.  Not all the greatest photos as many are off my cell phone. 

EMD FT from 2014:  The logo on the nose is made from etched brass to replicate the bronze plate that adorned the prototype.



Jonathan, I really like this Santa Fe set (early FT's). Always, thought the paint scheme really stood out, maybe it was the slight big of red, I don't know, but it seems like the as delivered schemes usually are to my liking. Thanks for sharing.



Thanks for your comment.  There is a funny story about this ABBA set in that when the FT was being produced there wasn't really a road that stood out to me, but I knew I was interested in a set.  This paint scheme jumped out at me the most.  After receiving the set, my interest in the ATSF in general began.  Now I even belong to the historical society.  The ATSF in now my favorite road east of the Mississippi.   



Hancock52 posted:

Sorry for the blurry screen grab but in any case I can’t ID what appear to be scale size Santa Fe passenger cars in one of Jonathan’s videos. The full length dome car might be MTH but looks longer and is not, I think, the GGD Santa Fe Great Dome:


Also the business car at the end doesn’t resemble anything I know of from Lionel, MTH or GGD. Are these K-Line cars?

The cars belong to the club as I didn't feel like bringing my own that day.  The first three cars are MTH and the final four are K-Line.  Having the E6s now, I am looking to get a GGD '38 Super Chief. 



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