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I recently acquired a Sunset 3rd Rail B&O S-1a 2-10-2 with Vanderbilt tender. I would like to replace the 2004 9v battery and install a TVS diode in the tender. I removed 3 screws on the bottom, which allowed me to remove the center sill and trucks. I'm stumped as to how to further disassemble. Hoping someone with experience can advise.

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Congratulations on your acquisition of the mighty B&O “Big Six”, Ken. What a fine example of B&O brute strength machinery.  Legend has it that they were so successful they kept articulated engines off the B&O Pittsburgh Division.

Charbonneau to the rescue in his 12th Chronicle:

At the 13:10 min mark he shows the underside of the tender with the trucks removed and his thought process for getting inside the tender. Among the great things about Norm’s videos is that they often show the process of how he figured things out rather than just handing out the answer. Its the process that is going to help a hobbyist take on challenges that they haven’t dealt with before. You’re in for a satisfying little job. He likened re-assembling the tender to re-gutting a fish. But since you’re just taking the battery out, I doubt it will be that bad.


Thank you @Norman R! I wondered if the rear of the tank was the way in, but it didn't look like the end would clear the uncoupling bar and other hardware. Also helpful was his discussion of the track power connection to the board. That is what I need for my TVS diode. Looks messy, but at least I have some sense of the path forward.

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