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a few upgrades to my #3704...

A couple of artista figures replaced the robotic figures from the factory...


The units come with lighted gauges which is nice. A few tweaks with the QSI programmer helped get a more realistic brightness...



I replaced the factory installed LEDs on both the headlight and rear light.... LEDs do not belong on a 3k model. Sorry, guys. I set up the brightness with the programmer below the bulb’s max brightness to maximize the bulb’s life. Finally, a new lens was added. The factory installed one was, well, not very clean.

A scratch built parabolic reflector helps the 1.5v bulb glow appropriately...


the number boards LEDs were replaced with surface mount LEDs. The new LEDs were tinted with coats of clear paint until the desired hue was achieved. Note how they match the headlight. I find that incandescent bulbs give a pinkish hue rather than a gold hue.


finally, I was able to extend the frame above the trailing trucks. That gap was killing me.... the cab armrests were painted bright green as well.



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  • 444A5EA9-1F92-411A-9D2D-8E633B5DC000
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  • E8AC8CE4-CE39-4685-AD9A-2DAF25E72C57
  • 39F13849-63BF-4598-A28E-4730ED3FC660
  • DD6CB19E-4214-46D2-8535-7C46E57AF814
  • BABBBA41-727D-4570-BFEE-C72E7187EE80


Once again, your observations and improvements are Spot-on. The LEDs looks like my SD70Ace. I’m always amazed how forum members, as yourself, are able to up the game after receiving an engine. I can only muse at the knowledge and equipments one must have to make changes like these at home. But Man! Do I LOVE this engine. Scott! 👏👏👏

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In the  Otto Perry photo above of 3707 it looks like the pilot truck wheels have bearings in the wheel hubs. This was a development by ASF around 1940.  I have only seen a couple of then, I think they were not commonly used. A large WP tender one time that was in MW service had to be rerailed. I opened the journal box covers to check the bearings when it was first back on the track. They were 7 X 14 journals, which are huge.  When the tender first started to move I could not understand what I was seeing.  The tender was moving, but the axle was not turning under the brass. It took me a while to figure out that there was a large roller bearing in the wheel hub and all the rotation was occurring there.   It sounded like a good idea, but I doubt the cost justified the benefit.  

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