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Has anyone else had a problem with the EL2 operating with an NCE DCC system. One of the locos starts and runs 2-4 feet and then stops. In 3-5 seconds it starts and moves a few more feet. Then stops and repeats. The other unit runs flawlessly. I have checked all the brake shoes, etc and find no problems. The track is clean and other locos run fine. Have put a meter on the track. It goes to zero when the loco stops. When the units visit another layout equipped with Digitrax all is well, both run perfectly. These locos have QSI decoders while all my others have either Soundtraxx or NCE decoders.

Any suggestions? I plan to contact Scott on Friday.


George Lasley

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My layout is the Digitrax powered layout that George mentioned in his post.

To add to what George said:

- At one time or another, there have been three sets of the EL2bs run on my layout. After a bit of tweaking of the decoder CVs, all three sets ran with no problems.

- Two of the sets have been run on two different NCE powered layouts and both sets exhibit the problem George described on both NCE layouts.

- Sunset provided a replacement decoder for one of the failing units. The problem still occurred.

- Some of my Sunset QSI equipped F7 units have been operated on one of the NCE powered layouts with no problem.

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