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Originally Posted by Joseph Frank:

Hello again Mark ( Boyce)


You are welcome -- re: my updated info to you on the Philadelphia PA "EL" Line  !


If you want to catch up on the Philly EL in some detailed history and via numerous old and newest images of the Market-Frankford EL Line, check out this webpage of history, facts, tech info and loads of photos in various eras of this line -- link below:


 and also, thanks -- and my model NYC EL system is now 30 years old already ! Here are a few "under the EL" street scenes in shadows with trolley cars taken under my own (model) EL !!


regards !- Joe F


That's a ton of information on the Philadelphia EL!!  I will save that link to take a further look!  More great photos.  The shadows really make  it impressive.


  When I see your talent it reminds me of the "Wayne's World" skits where they would exclaim, "We are not worthy!"

  Keep up the good excellent work!

  When you have time, can you take a few pictures to show the construction of your layout, like the legs, any fascia boards, lighting, etc., so we get a sense of how your layout is built?


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