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Hi all.
I have a layout with both Super-O and tubular track. Over the last several years most, but not all of the Super-O keeps rusting. The tubular track remains rust free. I have cleaned the track with the green Scotch Bright wipes and alcohol several times. The rust returns to those Super-O tracks. The layout is in the basement, but it is dry and I have had no issues with water.
Before I laid them down originally, I used Evapo-rust on the Super-O tracks. I am about to redo the layout and want to clean these tracks before putting them down again. Any thoughts on what may be happening and suggestions on prevention?
Thanks for your help!
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You might try mineral sprites (alcohol is water based) for track cleaning and then apply NO OX  ID A spec track cleaning treatment.  NO OX is a paraffin based, conducting grease and should prevent rusting of the the top of the tracks.  It is wiped off and does not affect wheel traction or traction tires.  It also will eliminate track cleaning for life! I have not had to clean my tracks in over 2 years since applying NO OX and train operation is much improved especially at low speeds.

You also could apply it to the sides of the rails and that should help rust there.  I do not mind rust on track sides as it more like real train rails.

All you want to know and more on NO OX is in the OGR forum topic linked below.


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