From a previous layout I have a good amount of Super O track and switches. Currently I’m planning for my dream layout in a dedicated room that will be at least 22’x24’; more if I can finagle it. What I have will not be enough. At this point I’m considering using tubular and going with a traditional post war Plasticville theme. I have all post war engines and rolling stock.

I know I can combine tubular with Super O. But I also like the way  Gargaves track and Ross Switches look. My  question is; will tubular be operationally and financially more efficient? 

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Many of us here on the Forum love Super O track and would be pleased to have a full layout using it. It is by far the best looking track for postwar trains and even rivals some of the other more modern 'scale' appearing track like you mentioned. Its truly the best of both worlds.  Suggest you add to your existing track and not *******ize your concept with anything else!  

Thank you for your insight. I will be reconsidering my options. I do like the look and never had any operational issues. 

Not having been active in the hobby for several decades, I wasn’t sure about availability. However, I’m setting my sights on York this October. And, I’ll review the other forum information on the topic.

Thank you 

There is a forum member named Mike Spanier who wheels 'n deals in Super O. A few others as well who can show how to widen the curves and create some really nice track plans. Also 'Super O Bob' is a regular contributor.

I just sold over 125 pieces of Super O (including lock-ons and uncoupling pieces) here on the forum for $100. I still  have 6 Super O switches listed.

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SuperO and Ross track and switches match up pretty well. I'm going to use Ross curves and switches and superO for my new layout.

I have already experimented with combining  superO and Ross, so far it looks and matches up perfectly. 


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