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I have two more projects in my bag; the first one is in the title of this topic; I want to share with you this new idea which is for me a big challenge! why a superliner? Several reasons: these cars have an incredible style and here, in France, we have no cars like that except the TGV 2N (N = niveau = levels for you) and some commuter cars. More, I don't find a to scale model of this car anywhere. So I decided to make one! not easy but I found on the web many informations, photos and videos to have a precise idea how do build it.

For this evening (for me!) I just want to show you some 3D drawings I made to start this project; I have also writen the complete specification which describes how I manage the whole design of this passenger car. Sorry, these documents are in french! but I can insert them on the forum if you want and it will be better than a long monologue!!


All the drawings are made with SKETCHUP software and I think that a number of parts will be made in a 3D printing way. I don't have this printer today but I found a guy near me with the 3DHUBS website to make me what I want; I will show you in a next message the first pieces he made for me.

Some others drawings:




I have tried to respect the 1/48 scale for this model and it will be made like a real one that's to say: for the side faces, two partitions, inside and outside and a frame in between (other drawings showing that are in the specification). Not easy, but a very big challenge for me!

Hope you like

That's all for tonight!

jpv from France


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Thanks to all for your comments! it's nice and make me happy!

I didn't know that Overland made these cars; but without interiors for a brand like that! it's like a living room without a sofa! no?

Thanks Alan for your proposal; 

---> COASTERP: I use SKETCHUP Make (free version); really easy to use, believe me. Just some basic knowledge of the software, that's all; you can find on the web many videos for beginners and you will see that it's not hard at all.

See you this evening for more pictures and the specification.



Thanks Mike!

Some more pictures:

The chassis and how are fitted the two partitions (in and outside)

Elévation châssis


14 pieces make the chassis; they are from different size of spacing; her is the longest:

Couple 46

and now the same printed in 3D by the guy I told you about earlier:

frame part

Here is the adjustment of some pieces in the middle of the car; all fit together well!  phew!!!

Coupe au couple central

Last one, the first piece I made yesterday: it's the rest room partitions (lower level)

rest room partitions

See you later for the specification; files must be too  large..



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Wow, amazing work.

I spent a lot of time in Superliners in September when my wife and I (and some friends) crossed the country from NYC to Seattle, via the Capitol Limited and the Empire Builder.  The Roomettes were nice but a little tight quarters at night when not actually sleeping...

I'm looking forward to seeing your scale rendition of the sleeper areas.

That's nice work JPV.

In 1998 I had an 8900 mile Amtrak trip around the USA, mostly on Superliner trains. Traveled coach all the way on an economy ticket. I usually had an empty seat next to me at night and it gave more space to try to sleep. The big cars ride well. The coach seats are spacious and comfortable. Unfortunately some of the coach seats don't line up well with the windows, if you want a view.

I spent a lot of time in the lounge-observation cars too. A superliner coach has five rest rooms on the lower level and I never had a wait to use one. Top speed for those trains seems to be 79mph, limited by track and signalling standards.

A string of scale Superliner cars would need a rather large layout to run on!


My photo at Dry Canyon trestle near Hotlum siding on the north slope of Mt Shasta in 2003.


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Thanks all for your kind comments!

P51---> You are right, but if I put the seats in as planned, why not the partitions even they are not visible (perhaps a little bit when lights will be on)?

Here are other pieces for my "3D guy" to print:

the stairs:


and the lower part of the chassis (8 pieces)

couple partie basse

See you soon







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Yesterday and today's work:

The floor of the upper level, the bottom parts of the body I have re-done because the first ones were not as I thought and the ventilation grids:

5_8_16 a

A little closer

5_8_16 b

The grid is made with triangular strips (1mm) glued in the good direction (toward bottom!) to look like the real one:

5_8_16 c

I also received today the bottom parts for the chassis (3D printed); here are two parts among others:

5_8_16 d

And how will be fitted these parts to the bottom of the body (not yet glued!!)

5_8_16 e

That's all for today!

Tomorrow, beginning of the body with many many windows to cut!!!

jpv in France


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Thank you, PRR,

To this day, I don't know exactly how to do this, to say the truth! I will go next week in a graphic arts shop close to my house where people is very competent and which has many and many  kinds of spray paints; as they have internet I will ask them to go on a superliner site and they can see with photos and compare with what they have. Hope to find what I wish! 


Check out Alclad II metalizer paints and finishes.  They have lots of different metal finishes from chrome to stainless to aluminum, plus window tints.  It's a multi-step process where the primer or base coat color can subtly affect the finish coat color.

AK Interactive has a similar system as well.  You can find plenty of youtube video tutorials for both as well as videos comparing results for both products.  Both products are very common with military models but obviously can be used for anything needing a realistic metal finish.

OGR member AntonioFP45 has a thread discussing the use of Alclad II.  I originally saw his posts on the old Atlas forum (in HO) and after that on the Atlas Rescue Forum.  You may find additional information on the process if you search those other forums.

I hope this gives you some ideas.  Who knows, perhaps you local supplier will recommend one or the other.  


I have had many difficulties with the first side of the car I've done yesterday (round corners not round, bad straight lines, etc... ): directly to the trashcan!!!

Here is the second one I made today; it's better! I also reduce the size of the strips to 0,5 x 0,5 mm; it's the most little I found.



This time the round corners are round!

jpv in France


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