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jpv69 posted:

Railride----> I read your question on my mail box but it don't appear on the thread: window glass is from EVERGREEN, transparent sheet of styrene 0,25 mm thick ref # 9902.

jpv in France

Yeah that

Right after I posted, I looked back through the thread and saw where you already answered the question I asked so I deleted my post. Thanks for re-stating the info, though.

By the way, are your 3D drawings produced with the free version of SketchUp? I suspected that someone had come up with a means of converting SketchUp files to something that could be sent to a 3D printer, but wasn't so sure that also applied to the free version.


CHRISTOPHER N&W----> Thank you for your comment! rendez-vous on the other thread!

RAILRIDE---->I had not understood why your post had been deleted and who had done that!! 

My 3D drawings are made with SKETCHUP Make (the free version); if you want to convert the files for 3D printing (.stl files), you have to download a plug-in via the SKETCHUCATION website. That's all. No need to have the "pro" version.

jpv in France

Hello, fantastic work. I only hope that mine comes half as good as yours.  My name is Robert Brown and I build in 1:32 and attempting to build some Superliner cars in 1:32 and saw your 3d drawings of your trucks on Bing while I was looking for info. on Superliner trucks.  Are you interesting in selling your O gauge 3d drawings so that I could convert them to 1:32?  If you don't, I will understand.  My email is     I have built two 1:32 P42's and some Superliners would look good behind them. I would appreciate your consideration.  I don't sell my work, as this is only for me.  I have threads on under the name, rbrown7713 and all of my endeavors are mainly in kitbashing. Thanks for your consideration, Robert Brown.


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Thanks guys for your nice comments!

At this day, the second one has begun but now, I'm waiting for a 3D printer; I have modified all the 2D drawings in 3D to make the shell; cutter and rule are not enough accurate to have the quite "perfect" appearance I wish for this passenger car; the first one has defaults that I don't want to see on the second one. I hope to have this 3D printer in the 2 or 3 monthes to come..........Unfortunately, my retirement pension is not stretchable!!!!!!!! 

jpv in France

jpv69 posted:

Thanks, Dan!

Hope that your 3D printer give you now satisfaction (I saw the "beast" on your thread).

What brand this machine?

For me, I will buy soon a Creality CR 10S.

JPV in france

The one I have is a clone machine from China, based on the Prusa I3.

I'm still learning, for sure. The learning curve is a little steep!

I was going to attempt to make them sprung, but if I had, the gauge of the wire would not look scale, too small,  so the trucks are fixed.  The springs are wrapped around a bolt and then sized.  The wire is actually aluminum, looks more scale.  Your models look beautiful.  All of my 1:32 molds are made, sides, roofs, ends, trucks, and even made molds for the glass roof lounge car.  The lounge car will be the first one that I finish.  Take a look on gscaleforum and everthing is there. Bob.

Hello all,

I stopped my model railway activity; too much other things to do: total refit of my condo from groud to ceiling and as I'm now 71, I work more slowly than when I was 30....

I hope to begin again working on this summer...

To answer Jeff, thanks for your comment; but I don't know at all how many time I spent to build this superliner, sorry; many monthes seems to me the good answer!!!

Hello, Bob, how are you!

jpv in France.

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