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Hello, I'm looking to swap a PS1 board from an MTH Premier Alaska F3 AA set with a PS2 board from another MTH Railking starter set F3 (the smaller semi scale locomotive) I was just wondering is anybody has done this before and has any tips on doing so. I dont run the railking loco much anymore and figure that will be good under the christmas tree, and wanted more usability out of the Alaska locks on my layout (speed control, dcs etc).

Thanks for any help!



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You're also likely to have to either add more wires to the connectors or lose features.  For instance, I suspect that PS/2 starter set doesn't have smoke.  It also likely doesn't have all the lighting features of the Premier.

We did also gloss over the fact that you have to move the tach reader and supply a new mount.

@GGG posted:

Buy a PS-3 Diesel kit and upgrade it right.  You will get into a lot of head aches unless you understand all the difference between PS-1 and 2.  G

This is the best advice, while moving the RK stuff can be done, it's going to be a lot of work with an uncertain outcome.

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