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I recently received a CSX SD60 shell to swap out for my Conrail shell. Removed the screws and then proceeded to mount the new shell. Unfortunately the screws don't fit.  I tried two slightly different sizes from two separate MTH products and neither want to thread in. 20240501_17103320240501_171017 The shells look identical. Any idea what size they might be?



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I’m with John on this, …if it’s a new service shell, then the threads were never cut in when new. …Now that the shell has more than likely aged, tread lightly!!….shells can get notoriously brittle with age!!…….scrape the screw against a bar of soap first and start threads slowly, constantly pulling the screw out and re-scraping it against the soap….I’ve had to do this a bunch of times on NOS shells for replacement…..


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