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@Cachow posted:

When should SW 1 & SW2 be closed or open with two bi-directional tracks

Since there haven't been any replies yet, and even though I don't have these, I did read the Z-Stuff DZ-1010 Set directions to try to help you.

DZ-1010 Bottom

Switch 1: Mode description (click image to below expand)

DZ-1010 SW1 Modes

Switch 2: (click image to below expand)

DZ-1010 SW2

Use with two bi-directional tracks is discussed with no reference to Switches 1 and 2, but does mention purchasing two additional DZ-1011 detectors.

DZ-1010 2-track bi-dierctional

Without knowing more details about whether you plan to use isolated rail triggering or the detectors and how many of them, I'm not exactly sure how to better answer your question.

I hope this is at least somewhat helpful.


Images (4)
  • DZ-1010 Bottom
  • DZ-1010 SW1 Modes
  • DZ-1010 SW2
  • DZ-1010 2-track bi-dierctional

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