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Hello once again and welcome to Switcher Saturday  If you can appreciate smaller locomotives and the hard work they do this is weekly thread for you.

For those new to the thread, the basic premise is this:

- We talk about about switcher locomotives of sizes, scales and gauges.  From little yard goats and track mobiles to road switchers and transfer diesels its fair game.  Examples range from the Dash 8 loco's that Amtrak uses to slice and dice the auto train at both ends, to single truck assembly with a battery pack on it used to move cars around inside a shop.

- As stated above all scales and gauges and are welcome.  Be it a N scale A-5, a Standard gauge steeple cab, a 3 rail O gauge NW-2, or a 12" to the foot center cab, they all hold the same amount of weight!  Obviously there is a heavy dose of 3 rail O gauge.

- Everybody be nice.  This has nary been a problem with this thread and let's keep it that way!

- Everybody plays by the rules within the OGR terms of service regarding pictures and video.

With that premise taken care of, I have a bit of a treat for you all this weekend.

I would like to introduce you all to Brookville Equipment Corporation. If you don't know about this company - you should!  Started by a Ford dealer in 1918 they have been making diesel and gas powered locomotives since WW1.  Brookville is located towards the North West region of Pennsylvania.

They make a broad range of equipment starting with a long history of logging and mining related products. At one time or another they put just about everything on rails from school buses and ambulances, to flatcars, crew transport cars, and bullet proof pay wagons.  I encourage everyone to check out their webpage for a full listing of their innovative products such as liquid cooled disc brakes, rubber mounted suspension mining equipment, and eco friendly cogeneration repowering.

Today they offer jack-walker rerailing mining equipment, locomotive rebuild services, and manufacture new locomotives for both industrial and passenger operations.  They even manufacture beautiful award winning light rail equipment that is in service in major cities throughout the U.S.

I would like to offer a special thank you Mr. Mohney, Brookville Marketing Specialist, and Mr. White, Brookville Director of sales for not only allowing permission for use of these photos, but actually providing a few themselves!

To start off we have something that fits right in with our theme, the Brookville 72 ton DES-70B.  A two axle switcher meant for small switching and maintenance applications with a 600 hp prime mover and state of the art electronics controls!  (Looking at this makes me think about kit-bashing a RMT Beep!)


Or how about Diesel-Hydraulic!?  Available in end cab or center cab configurations and sizes from 45 to 120 tons.  If you need high torque / low speed operation in tight corners, with climate controlled cabs for your people, this could be your solution.


Brookville makes passenger loco's too.  The BL36PH is an all modern offering with desk style controls. It balances an aerodynamic nose and semi-monocoque frame with total FRA safety compliance. This lighter weight machine has greater forward visibility  due to large angled windows and it just looks cool too.


Here's one in Tri-Rail service with matching cars.  Nice palm trees!


If you need a modern jack of all trades locomotive, (and who doesn't?), Then you can set yourself up with the Brookville multipurpose BL20GH.

This machine brings you 2250 horsepower with a separate head end power set up.  This one serves the Metro North railroad.  Its ideal for smaller start up passenger operations and can do whatever locomotive tasks need to be done.


Got an older machine that just needs an overhaul and upgrade - no problem they have that covered too!


And I mentioned CoGeneration.  Brookville has modular 700 hp packages to repower existing equipment.  You come out with an all modern machine rated at 700, 1400, or 2100 Hp. You meet updated emission standards, and have reduce fuel costs too.


Not to ignore the mining side of the company, they make all kinds of battery and diesel powered mining and tunneling equipment.  Some of it also runs off overhead pantograph power.  I believe the picture below was during construction of an east side access tunnel somewhere around NYC.


Below is just one example a portfolio of mining locomotives. Many are equipped with the optional jack-walker system so derailed equipment can re-rail itself!


So when your are thinking of switcher locomotives - keep Brookville Equipment Corporation in mind.  They are a 100 years young, world class American manufacturer, and were really nice to talk to over the phone too!

So with that said, please share your switcher stories, pictures, videos, memories etc.  Have a great weekend everybody, and I look forward to seeing what you have to share.


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Here we see the PRR 0-4-0 saddle tanker shined up for passenger service.  The local branch line has a mail contract so it must run!  Due to strange circumstances the assigned equipment ended up being a combine, dining car and observation- high style for a branch line!  The locals have taken to calling it The Lunch Special!



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Yay! SWSat is on the rails!

Great start this week. I do like those Brookville producs. @jhz563 I live in MetroNorth territory so I have seen several of them. I have even ride behind a Brookville engine on the Danbury branch to visit the Danbury CT Railroad Museum.

This week I am showing my die cast 2 rail O scale Boston and Maine NW2. This model was made by General Models and predates the (better known in these parts) Lionel engine. Many people think that the General Models engine was the so called “Phantom” switcher on the Lionel Showroom Layout.

Have a great week everyone I can’t wait to see what you guys post.


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Happy SWSat!

Nice to see some great equipment still being made here in the USA!

Let's see...cut the cab away.....shift it to the center....fill in the body with styrene.......

2019-05-24 20.15.45

Here's my WbB PRR NW-2 waiting to pull a car from the Team Track. These engines are nice runners, especially after wiring the motors in series.

2019-05-24 20.16.31

Have a great weekend!



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2019-10-14 16.04.54

Andy, how ya doing? Hey the NW (your B&M decorated) switcher is General Models. Did General models become All Nation? The All Nation NW switcher I had looked to be the same model but in two rail scale.
do you know what years the general models may have produced this one?
The Lionel corporation may have modeled their #623 after it? interesting.

thanks for posting.


@Leroof posted:

Andy, how ya doing? Hey the NW (your B&M decorated) switcher is General Models. Did General models become All Nation? The All Nation NW switcher I had looked to be the same model but in two rail scale.

Hello Pierre,

I’m doing well thanks. Hopefully the same for you. My understanding after reading the Keith Wills “American O scale 1927-1965” book is that the model was first made for General Models in 1948 and then All Nation purchased them after bankruptcy  (along with many other lines). Thomas Industries made a conversation kit to make it 3 rail comparable. Since the kit sits on the bottom and is very clearly marked sometimes these list on eBay as Thomas Industries NW2s.  Mine is 2 rail like yours but it needs some work because one wheel is slipping on the axel. At the moment it limps along. But I need to knurl that axel.

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Dave P, that’s a really cool scene with the beautiful NYC Switcher doing its job, I like the lighted bumper and wonder what manufacturer made it. Cool layout, RSJB18 Bob, beautiful scene as always, and for the record, your new mountain side with tunnel idea is fantastic, Dean, I love the tinplate lithographs Marx buildings very much, classy, Happy Railroading Everyone, stay safe, stay healthy, Pray Continually.... C5C5F4B9-E6F2-4DC4-9FD9-DA8F54C96AC3D2A9ED3F-8DC0-47EE-81FD-BB8A9710AD93


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Good afternoon fellow switcher fans!  JHZ563 - WOW!  Thanks for all the Brookville info.!  I had no idea they were still in business let alone the vast variety of products they manufacture ... and here in the USA too  It would be nice if one/some of the model train manufactures would make some of those very cool looking locos  Thanks too for getting us rolling today!

Great photos, videos, and info everyone!

Today on the Free State Junction Railway, the B&O Dockside is fired up and busy spotting a flat car load of farm equipment on team track one.  A Western Maryland BL2 is on the inner main awaiting to begin its' switching assignment as well. Have a wonderful weekend everyone! Be safe = Be wellfullsizeoutput_685IMG_5245IMG_5235IMG_5247IMG_5322


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Well our shift is coming to an end for another Switcher Saturday.   

I am glad you guys liked the Brookville Equipment Corporation feature.   I want to again thank the good folks at  Brookville for their help!  I encourage everyone to check the history section of their website.   This is a great pdf with more fantastic pictures! @Dave Olson you should check these guys out! They may not have been around as long as Lionel,  but after 102 years I think they could use some O gauge representation!

I am going to continue trying to get a special focus every month or two.  In the past we have had special photos used with permission of the Reading Company Technical and Historical Society and the Conrail Historical Society.   We have also had special features focusing on the Wanamaker Kempton and Southern, and Republic Locomotive.  If you have an idea for a special focus topic here on Switcher Saturday,  please let me know.   If you have contact information that would be even better!

Happy Switcher Saturday Crew!



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Dave P, Thank You for answering my Question, I need to either move one of my normal Lionel lighted bumper do to a new issue that evolved running Lionels new 21 inch UP Promontory passenger cars. Although they are designed to operate on 072 diameter curves, on 096 it still hangs over enough to tip over side swiping a bumper on a siding. It has a hang down ladder in the middle of the car. Now you mentioned fastback, maybe fastrack? I post a picture later. Happy Railroading Everyone.

Working OT Saturday has rolled into Sunday.  Brookville is an interesting topic, thanks for leading with it.  It appears the MTA is a good customer of Brookville, I've seen many pictures of Brookville MTA locos but had no idea of Brookville's place in the locomotive world.  The first time I saw a picture of that DES-70B I thought of bashing a BEEP.  Oh well, another project someone else will probably complete before I do.

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