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#SwitcherSaturday is back!


Love Switchers?  Then take a few minutes to post some pictures and video of them here on #SwitcherSaturday!


Last week's link is here:


Today at the Murnane house we have my MTH NYC #9990 0-4-0 dockside switcher (30-1340-0) working my workbench dog bone loop.  Notice that I printed out some backdrop images from - I think they look nice.


Enjoy your weekend and if you get a chance, please post some pictures or video of your favorite switchers!


Best...Rich Murnane








p.s. Miss the post on Saturday? NO BIG DEAL, just keep posting until the next #SwitcherSaturday


p.s.s. Anyone buy any good switchers for at York? ;-) Feel free to take some pics of those and post here too!


p.s.s.  I mucked with the pictures a bit with Flickr's "PhotoShop" type of tool, hope you like them, here is the link to the originals:


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  • Switcher Saturday: 2015-May-02 pic 1: Switcher Saturday: 2015-May-02 pic 1
  • Switcher Saturday: 2015-May-02 pic 2: Switcher Saturday: 2015-May-02 pic 2
  • Switcher Saturday: 2015-May-02 pic 3: Switcher Saturday: 2015-May-02 pic 3
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Here is a real switcher I visited today with my girls. This is secretly a brother to Strasburgs Thomas. It is an ex B.E.D.T. SW2 in disguise. Thomas is an eX B.E.D.T tank engine this Alco replaced. Now the Alco lives in Riverside Park in NYC under the Westside Highway near the ex NYC 69st transfer float. Instead of the East River now it lives on the Hudson.

I think it is the only preserved engine in Manhattan.


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Hi Mike,


The RS-1 picture you posted looks great, regarding the discussion, I'm guessing you mean this thread:


Also saw the RS-3 thread:


Someone referenced another RS-3 thread and mentioned these discussions come up often:



Time for a model switcher blast from the past.

What you're looking at: An HO scale "Lindberg Lines" SW600 (closer to an SW1) that was offered by Lindberg from the very late 1950s to about the mid-1960s.  In this example, it's in Baltimore & Ohio livery.  Get this: The Lindberg Lines SW has a large flywheel, is belt driven, and uses NMRA RP-25 wheel contours. It was WAY ahead of its time!







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  • Lindberg_BO_SW_a
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