#SwitcherSaturday is back!


Love switchers?  Let's see some pictures or video of the switchers you've got on your layout or on your wish list!  


The previous SwitcherSaturday link is here: https://ogrforum.ogaugerr.com/t...saturday-2015-may-15


Today at the Murnane house we've got my Lionel traditional sized / conventional powered C&O #39 Steam Switcher (6-28662) on duty, first on my workbench layout and then my small table layout.  Note:  The brick background images in the first picture were printed from http://www.bigindoortrains.com - I think they look nice!


Enjoy your weekend and if you get a chance, please post some pictures or video of your favorite switchers!


Best...Rich Murnane


p.s. Miss the post on Saturday? NO BIG DEAL, just keep posting until the next #SwitcherSaturday

p.s.s.  Sorry I missed last week, we did a family NYC trip!






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Yeah Switcher Saturday is back!


This week I rode the F train over to Trainworld and picked up this WBB 44 tonner. Taking advantage of thier Memorial Day sale. I have been wanting one for awhile. I may repainting it to Washington and Old Dominion or a short line in upstate NY that I like. Or I might do a partial repaint to Pennsy #9999 that switched the Union Railroad in New Egypt NJ up into the 1970's because I have relatives there.

For now it is in factory paint and I am really enjoying it. Here it is switching lumber on my workbench layout. There are some pictures that have a WBB B&O switcher for an idea of scale.  







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Early Atlas SW's, like the one picture above, had Dallee electronics, and no electro-couplers.  They were upgraded to TMCC a few years later.   This early Atlas Pennsy model also fits this mold.    I'm in the process of doing an extensive upgrade.

A little action on the suspended layout. The B&A MOW train is being pulled by a Lackawanna switcher, and the Reading coal train is pulled by a Pennsy 040 switcher.There are some dark spots on the side walls, sorry, not enough light.

I can't think of everything         

God'sNot Dead


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Suspended layout coal drag and MOW train

Since I do not yet have my recently won Atlas O PRR B28 to show off, here is a picture of the real engine.






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