Switcher Saturday: 2018-June-23

Happy Switcher Saturday everyone. 

I am "pinch-hitting" this week's topic for our friend, Rich Murnane. 

If this is your first time stumbling upon our topic, I would suggest that this be the creed of all switcher lovers:

We are a bunch of humble, switcher-loving, do-gooders who love all things switcher-related. So, if you have a switcher, have a picture of a switcher or smell like a switcher, post your switcher pictures, here!  

Did I mention how humble we are? 

If you missed last week's post, here it is:

 https://ogrforum.ogaugerr.com/...18#79987520876006118  hosted by Bob/RSJB18 . Bob, thanks for doing a great job last week in hosting. 


My contribution this week will be my MTH B&O Dockside and how I made some changes over the last 2 weeks. 

PILOT- I didn't care for the gaping hole over the front coupler on the MTH model. I first tried putting a Gargraves wooden tie there to see how that would look. While I thought it was an improvement,  it was a little short. The next attempt was using a piece of Evergreen "#257 Rectang. Tube," which I cut to the length of the pilot. I thought that seemed to fit pretty well. I crazy glued it to the front-most area above the steps to create a "full pilot" where there wasn't one before. Next step may be to include a handrail over the new pilot. 

B&O Builder's Plate- The MTH model of the B&O Dockside had 2 "blank" ovals almost begging for a builder's plate. I found an image of a C-16 class, the class of B&O's famous Docksides/aka "Little Joes." I used a copier to reduce the image until it was the right size, cut it and glued it in. 

WEATHERING (and searching for Grimy Black)- I was hoping to find Floquil's Grimy Black somewhere/anywhere, but could not scrounge any up...I thought I heard Floquil was no longer made and then confirmed it was discontinued way back in 2013. A call to two local hobby shops near me found one shop did not carry paint at all and the other did. So, a visit to the local hobby shop with paint found a paint rack, let's call it paint rack #1, covered by other clutter (including another rack/shelf unit), rack #2 maybe 10-12 feet away and rack #3 further in the store. While I've been in the store many times, I never noticed rack #3. As luck would have it, after spending 20 minutes or so trying to twist/squirm like a contortionist to look at paint on rack #1 (rack #2 didn't seem too good either), I then stumbled on rack #3 which had Testors PollyScale paint...lo and behold, 4 bottles of Grimy Black! I bought 3 and the following week went back for the last bottle.

Later, I found online that it seems PollyScale has also been discontinued! I also picked up a bottle of Model-Master (I think also made by Testors) enamel Rust paint. I guess that Model-Master is the successor of Floquil and PollyScale.

If this helps...I found a nice conversion chart for Model-Master paints to find the equivalent today of Floquil's paints from the past (see page 13):


Back to the weathering...I read online that Windex can be used to dilute Acrylic paints and I tried it and it seemed to work so as I proceeded, I poured my paint into recycled orange juice lids, added drops of Windex and stirred with a wooden coffee stirrer. 

I also added a slight amount of Testors silver to the molded handrail on the front smokebox to enhance it. 

The silver on the front smokebox area and the rust on all of the rivets were applied using a toothpick, carefully loading up the tip of the toothpick and brushing it/dabbing it on. 

Weathering with a Story- Try as I might, I decided I really did not want to obliterate the B&O lettering and cab number. So, I thought how could I justify that? Well, what if some cranky stockholder or B&O board member was so offended by a locomotive with the B&O name so obscured that it would not be legible and complained to B&O management? 

Here could be the outcome: 

B&O Pratt St Directive


Before pictures:



Testing Pictures:


After weathering, enhancing the pilot and adding the Baldwin builder's plate and in accordance with B&O Supplement "TP":


Let's see those switchers!



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Original Post

Hey Tom, for future reference, Micro-Mark offers some of the most popular old Floquil Polly Scale colors (including Grimy Black) in its MicroLux line of paints. Click here to see their selection.

Nice job on the docksider!

Joe A.

Enjoying this Great Hobby in memory of Dad & Pop...the "original Joe's" responsible for my interest in trains!!

Yay! SWSat is on!

Tom knocks one out of the park in the first at bat!

Here is some MTA work train action.70D75992-D133-40FE-AEB0-C6F54CC2D7EBA4B2BAA6-1A4A-4CEE-80D0-A63FD575C29E

Look at all the pretty LED lights on the lead unit.40664D0C-96BD-42AE-9C01-D8551F10A4C1

These were pulling the cleanest Subway flats I have ever seen. In new MOW Grey with lots of new reflective marks they look like they were newly painted.9003C01A-3B16-4485-B1E4-6FE9F75029568D6CCF20-EA49-49C6-8CB2-0E77CB02F3C22FBC18AA-3EE9-4442-B575-E6F067BD928E

Here is an Icken boxcab on the NYSME layout.7D448D2A-9162-4954-9598-DBF601546389F52F4817-4940-4C11-8D3F-F0F2EDB7C3AA

Last up a look into the future. I broke down and stayed up late and won an auction for a two rail C16. It needs some work I can tell already. Kadees at the least and fix some trim. I would like to put a DCC board in. Hopefully not too much to do. I think mine will become a BEDT. So in a week or so I join the C16 madness. E7EDA7C9-9C58-4931-A3A4-9C16A9892E1BCF8A2068-E2D7-4E40-81DD-0F23CBC0D5DF

Have a great weekend guys.

Member New York Society of Model Engineers


Maybe this post won't get me shouted down by experts.


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Happy SWSat!

Thanks for starting us off this week Tom and thanks for the shout out. The "Switchers Creed" is perfect!

I have been in contact with Rich and he is alive and well. Rumors of his abduction at the hands of some Class 1 road engineers have been unfounded.

That C-16 looks sharp Tom. You weathering looks good. Mine are still nice and shiny and will stay that way for a while. I don't know if I will start weathering mine or not. Leaning toward not at this point.

Andy- nice shots of the MOW equipment. At least the MTA is spending money on something. I heard recently that they need to spend billions (a mere $20-40 billion) over 10 years to upgrade the signals across the entire system. More info here.

SIRT- Sharp LIRR S-2 and MP-15

Bill T- that little Vulcan has serious work to do. Pushing snow in Alaska is a full time job.

Locally been another busy week. Train time is still near zero. The LIRR is up to its usual summer ROW work. They have been running a track repair gang back and fourth over the Hempstead Branch for the past few weeks. They have a few MP-15's supplying the power along with a bunch of self- propelled track equipment. I keep missing photo ops but I will keep trying.


2017-06-03 07.32.152017-06-03 07.32.372017-10-14 08.30.17

Three Rails Are Better Than None 


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Good morning fellow SWSAT friends!!  Wonderful photos and information everyone!!  I learn LOTS from you guys!!  

Tom - Thanks for firing up the SWSAT thread this morning!  Your Docksider C-16 looks absolutely stunning!!  I also love the back story you have created to support the clean B&O lettering.  The B&O directive form which confirms your story is fabulous!  I LOVE it!  Your work is inspiring me to make some improvements on my own C16.

As I've been teaching music camp all week, I've had no quality time to spend with my trains.  Consequently, I have no new photos.  Here are some oldies and hopefully still goodies.

Have a wonderful weekend everyone!!IMG_0429IMG_0282IMG_0217IMG_1237IMG_0889

Cheers and Happy Railroading,

Patrick W  

CEO - The Free State Junction Railway 

" Where the music is sweet and the trains always run on time"

Home Office - Patsburg, Maryland 


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Switchers on ex Rock Island tracks between Sunray and Etter/Cactus in the Texas Panhandle back in 2002.

Switch engines

Switcher working the grain elevator at Etter Texas, the jct of ex Santa Fe and Rock Island tracks.

Grain Bin switcher Etter




Keith Johnson


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Oh wow this switcher Saturday is rapidly becoming my favorite regular visitation!

the prototype photos are really fantastic as the model photos!

but I must say that while I like All of the photos and entries my favorite this weekend is at shark bay. Crazy about that grey HH. I had one once when in 2 rail O scale. Is that a Car Works HH660 conversion to three rail? Btw BAR GP7#67, Nice layout, cool switchers!

Leroof posted:

Oh wow this switcher Saturday is rapidly becoming my favorite regular visitation!

the prototype photos are really fantastic as the model photos!

but I must say that while I like All of the photos and entries my favorite this weekend is at shark bay. Crazy about that grey HH. I had one once when in 2 rail O scale. Is that a Car Works HH660 conversion to three rail? Btw BAR GP7#67, Nice layout, cool switchers!

Leroof: Thank you very much. I really appreciate your kind words. I  waiting many years if Atlas, MTH or Lionel build HH660 in O-scale, but no. So my friend John and I build that HH660 with TMCC. I have now two SBR engines Baldwin RF16 Sharknose "Bruce" & Alco HH660 "Anchor" and more SBR engines coming after 2-3 months. Also the first SBR passenger car is coming with some freight cars.


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