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Hello all and welcome to another edition of Switcher Saturday !  This weekly thread celebrates the smaller locomotives that do the big work of railroading.

From diminutive yard goats to ridiculously large "transfer diesels", the definition of Switcher can be a little muddy.

For this weekend's kickoff image,  we see the intrepid Mounty Dudly DoWright and a hapless victim in front of a USRA design 0-6-0.  Given that it is April fools day, it's up to the viewer to decide if this is a rescue or a nefarious timing attempt 🤔.


So show us Switchers,  tell us your stories!  Keep it somehow Switcher related,  follow the ogr tos regarding pictures,  and have fun.  Switcher Saturday is always open to all scales and gauges.

Talk to you later everyone


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Providence & Worcester GP-40-2 #3001 is an MTH Premier model (20-21020-1, MSRP $499.95) with PS3.

EMD GP40-2 locomotives weigh 250,000 pounds, have a 16-cylinder 3,000 horsepower turbocharged diesel engine, a starting tractive effort of 61,000 pounds, and a maximum speed of 65 miles-per-hour. 1,143 GP40-2s were produced between 1972 and 1986.

The Providence & Worcester Railroad was chartered in Massachusetts and Rhode Island in 1844. It is presently a Class II railroad that operates in Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Connecticut and New York.

MTH diesel locomotive models with PS3 run very smoothly at low speeds. In the video, #3001 is running conventionally on my 10’-by-5’ layout at 11 scale miles-per-hour.




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  • MELGAR_2023_0330_04_P&W_3001_10X5_SS71
  • MELGAR_2023_0330_05_P&W_3001_10X5_BRIDGE
  • MELGAR_2023_0330_09_P&W_3001_10X5_TRUMBULL_JCT
  • MELGAR_2023_0330_10_P&W_3001_10X5_TRUMBULL_JCT
  • MELGAR_2023_0330_12_P&W_3001_10X5_SOUTH
  • MELGAR_2023_0330_14_P&W_3001_10X5_STATION
  • MELGAR_2023_0330_16_P&W_3001_10X5_FREIGHT_HOUSE
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Happy SWSat!

Featuring a EMD BL2 this week. How could I not after all the discussion last week. I have 3 BL2's (1- MTH, 2-WbB), this C&O engine is by William's. It's conventionally powered with no sound. I do need to open it up today and rewire the motors in series. I've done it with my other Williams engines and it makes a huge difference. In the videos, it's running at just over the 6v min from my KW.

Our crew will be running a local commuter train this week. Management just acquired a new set of coaches that are being put into revenue service immediately. Once the shop foreman's schedule clears the set will go in for a full led upgrade with GRJ's regulated power supplies, and passengers will be added as well.

Even though the engine is C&O and the coaches B&O, the color scheme matches perfectly. Also running a MTH 0-4-0 on the highline pulling a short work train.

2023-03-31 20.31.232023-03-31 20.47.232023-03-31 20.45.222023-03-31 20.45.37

Have a great weekend.



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Hello, SwSat nation!  JHZ, thanks again for making Saturday the most anticipated day of the week!

Your Yardmaster has posted images of his military train before, but a couple of additions - a White scout car on a flat and a tanker of diesel to keep the vehicles moving - motivated him to feature one of his favorite trains again.

Those that have seen the train before may recall Your Yardmaster built it mostly out of cheap red Lionel postwar MPC era flatcars.  The vehicles, most sourced from Die Cast Direct, cost more than the flats.  His cars aren’t scale and they lack the detail of the $200 cars he’s seen advertised in OGR, but they look good to him and were fun to put together.

Today C&O NW2 switcher no. 624 has the honor of hauling some of our finest military hardware, but wait, there’s more!  Your Yardmaster also managed to film B&O Budd RDC-1 trailing two Budd RDC-4s.  Yup, it’s anther great Saturday!




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Yay! Small Prototype Fire Equipment Saturday is on track!

I see people have been posting some great pictures of Small Prototype Fire Equipment so far this week. @MELGAR I had no idea Boston and Maine had such interesting fire suppression equipment. @RSJB18 what an interesting short ladder hauler you found.

This week I’m posting a picture of the fire vehicle from the new LIRR Grand Central Madison passenger station. They have made a miniature fire truck/golf truck to serve the interior of this newly opened but long planned station.


Have a great rest of the weekend! I can’t wait to see what else you guys come up with for Small Prototype Fire Equipment Saturday especially this April 1st edition!


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Good morning fellow switcher fans!   Thanks JHZ 563 for getting us rolling this morning!  Great pic, videos and info already this morning everyone!  ... BRAVO!!  Have a wonderful weekend everyone!!

Today on the FSJR a Pennsy A5 goes to work early this morning.   Here it is taking on water at the tank.5B4BA167-FABD-48CA-B243-340A85905E4F_1_201_a

After topping off the tank, engineer Lou Spence eased the o'l girl forward a bit.  Here Lou and conductor Barney Lubber talk over the switch list for today.   Fireman Jack Donnely sits on the left seat box in the cab and keeps a close eye on the gauges.  AECB29A9-1ED2-457F-AAB1-584E5AF09D0C

Lou's view from the engineer's seat box as the engine moves down the rails.  Lou pulls the whistle cord just to give a warning to vehicles ... he gives two longs , a short, and a long of whistle blasts. 277AA59C-A547-4764-8B4A-FD221130D1A9

Heading east with several cars and a caboose in tow. C2A85269-A688-4707-B076-CD8774BA601Eg the

Rounding the bend at Todd's Junction. 5CE590B5-A468-4731-BFC8-2EDD2F8B5B85

Easing through a station as no one on the platform takes notice as if there is an elephant in the room. 41DFB6AA-D543-4D94-8163-44DA3EDE56E7

With several freight cars in tow the A5 moves through the junction as she and her crew go about another day on the railroad., 73EFAF4A-AEFA-4034-B1E4-A16CC7B2771E


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  • AECB29A9-1ED2-457F-AAB1-584E5AF09D0C
  • 277AA59C-A547-4764-8B4A-FD221130D1A9
  • C2A85269-A688-4707-B076-CD8774BA601E
  • 5CE590B5-A468-4731-BFC8-2EDD2F8B5B85
  • 41DFB6AA-D543-4D94-8163-44DA3EDE56E7
  • 73EFAF4A-AEFA-4034-B1E4-A16CC7B2771E

Well today SwSat fans, I have one of my "project" locomotives.  This gal was a flea market find and her looks and condition prove it.  I can say however that despite the poor condition of the cab, she runs OK (e-unit can be fussy but what ones aren't).  She is the Lionel U.S. Army #41 switcher offered from 1955-1957.  She is certainly in need of a new cab/body but I have not found one yet.

Lionel 41 USA switcher sideLionel 41 USA switcher front quarterLionel 41 USA switcher rear

Hope you are having a great weekend, best wishes



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  • Lionel 41 USA switcher side
  • Lionel 41 USA switcher front quarter
  • Lionel 41 USA switcher rear

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