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Hi folks and welcome to Switcher Saturday.   I have to work in the morning so here's the short version of the intro.

This weekly thread celebrates everything about switching locomotives whether its tiny yard goats or large road switchers.   

- all scales and gauges welcome

- just keep it somehow Switcher related

- everybody plays nice

- everyone follows the ogr tos regarding pictures.

The regulars can answer any other questions.

Have a great weekend everyone.


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Good morning fellow switcher fans!   JHZ thanks for getting us rolling!  May your workday include seeing some switch locomotives at the power plant.

Today on the Free State Junction Railway the company photographer has offered a pouporri of photos all of switchers out and about the FSJR.  I'm excited to see what everyone posts in this edition of SWSAT!    Wishing everyone a fun, satisfying,  and safe weekend!!  Be safe = Be well!

A Ma & Pa SW 1 rounds the bend as a B&O GP 9 is on the service track. fullsizeoutput_6aa

The mighty B&O Docksider glides by some hard working dudes.  I had fun weathering this little guy!IMG_9351

B&O Docksider on the Mountain Division has just rolled off the Bollman bridge with a train load of stones. IMG_9367

Exiting the tunnel .... Tandem power comprised of a GP9 and SW9 provide 2,950 horsepower for a long coal drag. IMG_9459

Here is the powerful duo as they're about to pass the tower.  In the distance a Pennsy A5.fullsizeoutput_5c6

Penny A5.  My first locomotive weathering project.  IMG_9417

MA & PA SW1 on the Mountain Division as a crew member protects the rural road grade crossing,IMG_4755

MA&PA SW1 rounds the bend at Butler Junction. fullsizeoutput_6ac


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@RSJB18 posted:

Happy SWSat!
A short video of the crew on PRR 8543 (WbB NW-2), doing some test runs over the new yard leader. The track gang is expecting the rest of the track to be delivered soon so that they can complete the yard construction.



I have the same Williams switcher.  I thought it ran way to fast, so I re-wired the motors from parallel to serial.  That slowed it up nicely.  I ran it this was for a while before finally upgrading it to PS2.

Can't wait to see what that finished yard will look like.


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@Ron045 posted:


I have the same Williams switcher.  I thought it ran way to fast, so I re-wired the motors from parallel to serial.  That slowed it up nicely.  I ran it this was for a while before finally upgrading it to PS2.

Can't wait to see what that finished yard will look like.


Ron- I have several Williams engines and have wired all of them in series too. This one does run slower but for the purposes of this test it was at about 10v. Hard to hold the phone, operate switches and the reverse button at the same time so the KW was set and forget.

I rewired all of my K-line's too.

I can't wait to get this done either. It's been a while since I could just run trains. Building is fun but running is funner.


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Our granddaughter is visiting for the weekend so that means my normal Penn Central action is taking a back seat.

Some leased power from the Sodor Railway is performing the switching duties today.  Diesel is spotting a boxcar at a warehouse:


Our granddaughter handles the throttle of Thomas, who is on the point of a fast passenger train:


This is what its all about!



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It has been a busy morning for 71's crew.  They took a string of cars out to the St. James industrial area and quickly spotted them at their destinations.  They are looking forward to their lunch break at a local eatery, Mom's Canned Goods Diner on Market Street.  They like Mom's; just like home cooking.


The NW2 is Lionel.  The cars, except the covered hopper, are Atlas.  The hopper is Weaver.


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Wow, here’s a strange sight on the Worcester, MA rails!  It’s dependable NYC shop switcher X-8688 on her first “trolley hop”!

The Worcester Consolidated Street Railway Co requested the move from So. Worcester to it’s No. Worcester car barn.  Your Yardmaster isn’t sure why they didn’t make the move on their own trackage, but he’s happy to comply with their request.  Rail fans out on this beautiful Spring day will have the photo op of a lifetime!

Hope all you SwSat fans have a great day too!




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Hello SwSat Fans...running a little late today but I can't miss a "Switcher Saturday".  j-hz563 thanks for kicking this off today even though you had to work...Tom Densel - glad to see that your granddaughter likes the trains, hope we can keep her interest.  Sodor RR was a large part of my grandson's early RR too but it was the push type no electrics then.  WRGMILW that is one handsome switcher.

So here we are offering is a Marx MoPac Switcher from 1975-76.  Here she is in a scene from the early 1950's sitting in front of the  L&S Savannah depot awaiting clearance to take the main up to Macon.  Once clear of the coastal region she will have a few small hills  to climb but that's why management keeps her trains short.  The GE 70 Ton can't take too much but the Leonardtown and Savannah is just in the early stages of diesel transition and they are interested in what these little GE jobs can this run is sort of an experiment with some borrowed equipment.

MoPac Eagle Switch Job

Have a happy weekend



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@Fendermain posted:

Happy SWSAT.  I have been visiting in Arizona.  Here are some of my photos from a local railway museum.  Also, an older video from my layout.

This is a switching engine that runs off of compressed air,1000 psi, that was used inside mine shafts.


Fendermain, I looked closely at your video, particularly your cork roadbed, extra wooden ties, tubular track and 022 switches.

I recently purchased cork roadbed, have very similar (maybe identical) extra wooden ties I got at a train show 10+ years ago, and have the same tubular track and 022 switches which are my favorite track and switches.

IMO, your roadbed, ties, track and switches are very attractive, and your trains run smoothly and evenly, and with an abundance of speed.

I've started installing the cork roadbed on 2 long sidings, and can see myself, over a long period of time, installing cork roadbed under most, maybe all, of the track on my layout. I can imagine my layout, down the road, looking a lot like yours.

If you ever want to run your trains prototypically slow and smooth, you might consider LC+ or LC+2.0 and/or DCS. For LC+ OR LC+2.0, you would not need to change a thing on your layout, and it is extremely user friendly and simple to operate. To run MTH PS2 and PS3 locomotives on DCS, you would need to install a TIU and to purchase Barry Broscowitz book about DCS. My recommendation is to first get an LC+ or LC+2.0 engine and see how you like it. Switching operations (using electrocouplers) is much better with LC+, LC+2.0, or DCS. Arnold

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