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Good morning Switcher Saturday faithful!  Your humble dispatcher is late getting things moving in the yard this morning,  my oldest has SAT testing this morning which threw things off schedule a bit.

Switcher Saturday is a recurring weekly thread celebrating the smaller locomotives that do the big work of railroading.  From yards of a class 1 rr empire,  to local deliveries on the smallest short lines,  and all the shops and customers along the way,  Switcher locomotives toil in relative anonymity.  Yet these machines are a vital cog in railroading.   Here at #SwSat we love them all,  and this thread is always open to all scales and gauges.


Here's an archive shot of a USRA design 0-6-0 to kick things off.

Please share your photos and videos.  Have a great day everyone 😀


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Good morning jhz563!

MTH’s Premier model of Boston & Maine #1274 (20-21401-1, MSRP $479.95) was delivered in 2021 with PS3 and represents an Alco S-2 switcher. Like my other MTH diesel locomotives with PS3, it runs very smoothly. B&M’s #1174 was an Alco S-3 switcher built in 1950 with 660 horsepower. It was damaged in a 1957 fire at the B&M roundhouse in Springfield, Massachusetts, rebuilt by Alco as an S-4 switcher with 1000 horsepower, and renumbered #1274. The engine weight was 230,000 pounds and tractive effort was 57,500 pounds. The blue paint scheme was promoted by B&M president Patrick McGinnis to modernize the look of the railroad as he had done previously while president of the New Haven Railroad between 1954 and 1956. McGinnis became president of the Boston & Maine Railroad in 1956 and later served 18 months in Federal Prison for his part in a sale of railroad cars by the B&M.

The train is running at 16 miles-per-hour in the first video and 10 miles-per-hour in the second.




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Happy SWSat!

I was ready to post the topic when you appeared John. I sure don't miss taking the SAT.

This week I'm posting my 2 LIRR ALCO's in the Worlds Fair paint. The RS3 is from MTH (PS-2) and the RS1 from Atlas (TMCC). Interesting differences in the colors. Checking some historical photos, it looks like MTH got the orange right, and Atlas got closer on the gray.

2022-01-23 20.49.442022-01-23 20.49.532023-05-13 07.29.12

Have a great weekend.



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Good morning switcher fans.

This is one of my favorite threads on the Forum. So, here is my once in a while contribution.

A pair of NEW HAVEN 44 tonners pull a string of wooden reefers into the local yard.

The MTH 44 tonners have been been modified with full width pickup roller and all the traction tires have been removed. This has eliminated slow speed stalling and made it possible to operate them reliably as a lash up.
The Atlas-O reefers are all special runs from BF Hobbies.


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Good morning, SwSat friends!  Your Yardmaster’s posts from the last couple of Saturdays - oldest and newest switchers in his collection - got him to thinking about a theme for the next few Saturdays.  He will be showing his switchers in the order he received them, but he’s sure some guesswork will be required in “the middle of the order”.

He’s confident the second switcher he received is Lionel C&O NW2 no. 624, a gift for Christmas in 1953 or 1954.  This old girl was run so much she needed a new motor!  As you will see, she still runs great after the overhaul.




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Happy switcher Sat and great photos everyone! I spent 5 hours in the train room this week and didn’t even run any trains. Fortunately, I was able to locate and repair a track wiring issue on my subway line and repaired a host of other lingering issues (broken semaphore signal, burnt out street lights, jerky crossing gate, etc).  In light of that, I thought I’d post a few pics from the archives of my trusty 44 tonner engaged in trackside maintenance.  Have a great weekend!



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It is late 1949 and the photographer took some photos of an ES10 working the yard.  This is a relatively new engine as #9171 was part of the 22-engine lot purchased in 1948.  The Pennsy bought a total of 32 ES10s, one Phase 1 in 1941 and 31 Phase IV between 1945 and 1948.


Unfortunately, while this Lionel EMD NW2 has a correct cab number it is a model of a Phase V engine with the sloping hood to the cab window.  Looked at modifying it to the correct stepped hood but decided this looked good as is.


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Good morning fellow switcher fans!   JHZ563 thanks for being in the engineers seat, notching out the throttle and getting us rolling today    As usual, all of you fellas never disappoint ... many wonderful posts!! ... There's always lots for me to learn from you all!  

Today on the FSJR we focus on the Mountain Division and a Pennsy A5 ( K line ).  The top photo shows the little fella taking the grade somewhere out in the sticks.  E824F2CB-F263-49EC-8769-9F3B75B98C51

Earlier this week the A5 has been dispatched for a switching job at at lumber camp.  Here it's shown on its' way.  Fireman Benny Lourdsdale loves the aroma of the cow pastures!  Engineer Riggy Schmuckle shakes his head whenever  Benny, with a big grin on his face inhales deeply.  961E58F0-0346-4348-B870-EAF7C5082F5E

The A5 pauses at a MOW camp at Danlilu.    Benny looks out the cab window and thinks to himself " Now those fellas are some busy bees!"  616B8AE7-77C1-4161-9E10-DEB067D81811


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Wow everyone, what great pictures and video's, Thanks for posting and thanks jhz for getting up and getting us going today.  Like many of us, I too remember that fateful day of taking the SAT and being convinced it would control my future.  In my day, you had to wait for the results which were mailed to you in about 2 weeks, that was a LOOOOOONG wait!

Well here is the local switcher engineer taking his 70 Ton GE down the street running part of the yard tracks.  Right down the middle of the highway.  Heavy traffic this morning makes this a stressful job for the engineer and for those truckers.

Williams 70 Ton UP front view

Best wishes everyone



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I featured this little SIECo Plymouth switcher on FEF a couple weeks ago, but a more detailed presentation is warranted here on SWSAT:



Southern Iron & Equipment Company began operation as a family business in the early 1900's after acquiring the large Pullman shops in the Atlanta area. SIECo was in the business of acquiring locomotives for reconditioning and resale. In the 70 or so years they were in business, they reconditioned over 2000 locomotives. They also reconditioned rolling stock under contract to various railroads and even built new rolling stock under Evans Products Company management in later years. I believe they ceased operations in 1982.

So, here she is transferring a string of reconditioned B&LE 70-ton ore cars:


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