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@RSJB18 wrote,

Despite my best efforts to keep the credit card in my wallet, it fell out again last week and another switcher has joined the fleet. Maybe if Trainz stopped running special deals......

Trainz has lately kept my wallet on the thin side too... I plan to post my latest purchase on next week's SWSAT. Meanwhile:

New Haven Railroad Alco S-2 diesel switcher #0617 is an MTH Premier model (20-20588-1, MSRP $449.95) delivered in 2016 with PS3. Photos and videos show it running on my 10’-by-5’ model railroad.

Twenty-two Alco S-2s were built for the New Haven Railroad (Class DEY-5) during 1943 and 1944. They had a 1,000 horsepower, turbocharged 6-cylinder 539T engine and a tractive effort of 57,500 pounds. On the New Haven, S-2s were used for heavy switching and to replace 2-6-0, 2-8-0 and 2-8-2 steam locomotives on local freights. Many New Haven S-2s were still running when Penn Central took over in 1969 and three made it into the 1976 formation of Conrail.



Another nice addition to the layout Mel even though it hitting your wallet 😂

@Steamfan77 posted:

Sorry to see you step down Bob. You’ve done a great job and many thanks. I understand the time commitment too. Sorry about the engine, but I know you’ll get it squared away. Great posts guys, one of my very favorite threads.

Thanks Andy. It's fun but time consuming too.

I've already contacted Trainz. Waiting for a return label. I asked them to take a shot at repairing it. Since everything else works, my guess is that it's something simple like a loose harness plug. I wasn't going to start taking the whole board stack apart to look though.


@Bill Swatos posted:

As is my wont, I'm posting my SWSAT entry on "SWSUN" due to a problem I had with my little K-Line Southern Iron & Equipment Plymouth switcher.

Now she runs better than she did when I got her.

@Bill Swatos,

Your video of that little locomotive pulling nine tank cars is a good illustration of the low friction and high-efficiency of steel wheels on steel rails.


Okay so I'm stretching SWSAT all the way 'til Tuesday.  I threw out a lot of likes but made no contribution, until now.

Bob thank you for all your efforts keeping us going.  Being a follower of Patrick's TTT I know you're leaving SWSAT in good hands.  As for your H16-44  I hope the boys at Trainz can get her going for you.  It's a nice looking engine.  I've got a conventionally controlled Lionel one.



John here's my docksider awaiting Christmas duty.IMG_2744IMG_2745

Mel, you've got Bill Park helping you keep the New Haven alive.  Love that Alco sound.

Patrick, what a wonderful contribution from someone so busy.  Kinda made me write this post.

20231207_225557Johan this is just fantastic.  I can't tell where the layout ends and the backdrop starts.

Tom great work on the re-paints.

Lionel Pioneer #8209 switcher side view

Don I think this is a great looking model.  I was looking at a scale switcher that didn't work on eBay and it looked an awful lot like this.

Bill thanks for the heads up on that spring.

Andre, at least you have the talent to make that work.


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@Miggy-  I looked up the #623 NW-2 switcher in my reference book..."Greenberg's Guide to Lionel Trains, 1940-1969" and they list two variations wrt handrail stanchions.  The reference states that there are two variations, one with ten stanchions to side and one with three stanchions to side.  They have no explanation as to the "why" the change and they list no change in value for the locomotive - so that it seems provides little information of value other than from a collectors  point of view neither variation is more desireable .  Chances are it was a change to improve productivity in putting the loco together but who knows.  Perhaps someone knows more.

Best wishes


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