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Hello again Switcher Saturday faithful!  As usual this is our weekly gathering of those who can appreciate smaller locomotives that do big things.   If you can respect that an A-5 is just as important as an Allegheny,  that a GP7 was more versatile than a Century unit, or just generally get a kick out of little locomotives.  You found the right place.

The guidelines of Switcher Saturday are simple.

- everyone plays nice

- all switchers are fair game.  Any scale or gauge works, with an obvious heavy dose of 3 rail o gauge.   Diminutive yard critters, docksiders, saddle tankers, porters,  vulcans, to emd, alco and giant road switchers, its all good.

- everyone follows the ogr terms of service regarding pictures

- have fun !!

Since the presidential election is all the rage right now, here is the President Adams getting spotted by my lionel 4 wheel diesel. 


Later in the day, Hornby 60985 arrived in the yard to make up a train.  Imagine the poor conductor's face as he tried figure out what to do with those couplers!!!



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Hello fellow switcher fans!!  JHZ563 thanks for getting us rolling ( early ) this weekend!

Today the roving photographer has captured a variety of switchers working throughout the Free State Junction Railway network.   Have a most enjoyable weekend everyone AND

Be safe = Be well!

A Baldwin VO1000 exits Easterly Tunnel as a EMD Ma Pa SW 1 enters. IMG_3851

At Butler Junction IMG_3873

About to do some switching in the industrial section of town known a " Brewtown".IMG_3913

B&O SW9 takes on sand at the engine service facility. IMG_0381

B&O Dockside smokes it up on the Mountain Division. IMG_0131

MA & Pa SW1 on the Mountain Division fullsizeoutput_31d

WM BL2 with a passenger train in tow. IMG_2317

Kennecott Copper doing some switch work. IMG_2367

WM BL2 does some switching.  fullsizeoutput_2e5


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Yay SWSat is on this week! Great posts so far guys.

Here is my new to me Lima LMS 4T 0–6-0. It is acting as the station pilot today and moving around a Birdcage brake carriage.


Lima made some British and European O scale items in the 70’s. I have been picking some up over the last few months and rebuilding  and reworking it to my needs. It seems like people were buying it but not using it because most of what I am finding is NOS. The paint strips very fast and well with a little purple degreaser. I have a growing collection of 16ton mineral wagons that are losing their garish paint schemes.

Have a great weekend. I can’t wait to see what you guys post.


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@jhz563 posted:

Looks great Daniel!  Did you make that yourself?

Thanks, I have done the loco body with brass from a spare Fournereau chassis. The cars have been made by a more talented modeller than me and are totally scratch build from sheet of brass. He has made nine different models and he never finished them so except some pieces to resolder I just have painted them.

Very best, Daniel

Hi SwSat Fans...well today on the Leonardtown and Savannah, we take you back to the early days of WWII when the Nazi submarines off the East Coast had a field day with our tankers coming up from the Gulf.  The tankers were back lighted from coastal lights as they was not yet any wartime orders to douse the lights.  Things got pretty bad before we were able to enforce wartime restrictions.  So before we extended pipelines to the East, our solution was to move the oil with "tank trains" and the railroads did a tremendous job of keeping the oil flowing to East coast refineries.

Here the "Allstate" RR is using L&S Trackage Rights to move a small tank train to a refinery near our port city.  Here is the full train view.

Allstate tank train - full view

Here is the main motive power from the "Allstate" motor pool.  The 0-4-0 might be challenged in the mountains but here on the coastal plane, she makes an easy job of it.

Allstate tank train - engine & tender

The Allstate tankers, carrying the precious cargo of oil needed for our mechanized Army.

Allstate tank train - tank cars

Naturally bringing up the rear, is the Allstate bay window caboose housing the train crew needed to keep a watch on the cargo and the functioning of the train. Rumor has it that the Army has 1 or 2 boys in that caboose as well just to make sure no saboteurs get the idea that this might be an easy target.

Allstate tank train - caboose

There she goes, safely moving on her way to her destination.

Allstate tank train - caboose view

Happy SwSat everyone.  Hope you are having a great weekend.



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  • Allstate tank train - caboose view

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