Wow Switcher Saturday gang, I can believe the year is half over!  If you have a soft spot for little locos, transfer diesels, road switchers, yard goats, thermos bottles, or any other type flanged wheel machine used to kick rail cars about, you found the right thread.

Yesterday afternoon there was a storm rolling in and I walked out to grab some pictures of switcher 2102 spotted near the sanding tower.  


As always, Switcher Saturday is open to all scales and gauges.  So please, share a story, some pictures, video or whatever else you like. Share your switchers and remember, little engines can do big things!


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First, a picture of my grandsons’ carpet central. They have many other competing toys and interests but they do frequently decide to set up and run their trains on the carpet. They also like seeing their train pictures on the OGR Forum.


I often run these two MTH Premier switchers double-headed in conventional mode. New York Central A-5 0-4-0 #901 and New York Central System USRA 0-6-0 #231 (both with PS2) with two cabooses.





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Good morning fellow switcher fans!  Lovely pics and videos guys!  Here is a video of end cab switchers doing their thing.  SW9 and calf pulling a long coal drag, a VO 1000 on the point of a transfer freight, and a SW 1 running rural rails.  I hope to be back, before the day is done, with some pics as well.  Be well and safe everyone!


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A FS10 is picking up a P&LE 2-bay hopper from the terminal service track and taking it back to the interchange track.  From there it will head back to a coal mine for another load of coal.  The Pittsburgh and Lake Erie, the "Little Giant", is a NYC independent subsidiary with headquarters in Pittsburgh.

DSC_0030 [2)DSC_0031 [2)

The F (FM) S (switcher) 10 (1000hp) is a RailKing H10-44, and the hopper is from Atlas.


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                    Conrail GP8 switching "Bellman's Gate Yard" at North Bergen, NJ in Sept. 85'. 

                                                                              MY PHOTOS


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                  happy "SWSat" !!!











                        switchers working at the Anderson's are Marci's photos...


                                          have a great weekend everyone !



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The CBS Railroad is adding the FRA 224 reflectors to it's rolling stock.  He is a picture of BN GP15-1 #1486 switching cars that just had the stripes added.


Other cars with the new stripes.



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Hello everyone, and happy SWSat!  Here is my contribution for today.  The Marx 588 NYC GE- 70 Ton Switcher was made between 1958 and 1962.  It came in black, maroon, and grey.  I am still looking for the grey but here are the other two with (sort of) matching cabooses.  By the way, have to hand it to Mr. Marx.  These are really good runners and were never very expensive.  They obviously can't match some of the sound equipped, semi scale , ones available today but to a "toy " guy like me they are great fun.

Marx Switcher 1Marx Switcher and Cab 1Marx Switcher 2]Marx Switcher and Cab 2


Happy SwSat Guys



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Good afternoon fellow switcher buds!  Here are some photos of switcher of various kinds at work on the Free State Junction Railway. 

A trio of 0-8-0, GP9, and SW1 IMG_0278

Canton Railroad switcher with caboose. IMG_0362

A Dockside smokes it up as an 0-8-0 gets ready to take on sand on the service track. IMG_0836

An 0-8-0 pushes on an air dump car. IMG_0549

Fairbanks - Morse Train Master provides power for a road freight. fullsizeoutput_32c

A Santa Fe NW 2 is leased to the FSJR as traffic demand has drastically increased. I bought this engine when I was in 7th grade with lawn cutting money.  It still runs just fine too!  IMG_0171


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 As usual Patrick, your love of the hobby and trains shines through with these excellent switcher shots'... I always look forward to seeing your work, and keeping these threads alive'..Thank you for your daily hard work and dedication to the forum'❗❗❗ 👍😉

Late to the SWSat party today because I had to switch my families base of operation. 78 days in our city apartment with 3 kids was enough so now I have 2 weeks in Quarantine at the summer base. Then I’ll see how things go. Hopefully things will get better can’t image them getting much worse. Anyway much more room for kids to move around.

Something good is bound to happen working from home from here. Good thing I had some things stashed away. 😉


So here is my contribution this week. First up an Alco RS 32 (I think correct me if I am wrong) at North Creek,NY. This is the only unit left after the Saratoga and North Creek pulled out last year and the parent company is in dire straits is my understanding. I will miss the 2 operational BL2s and the S2 in demonstrator scheme along with the fact that this is yet another dead tourist railroad operation in the Adirondacks.

My GRR #75 caboose is still waiting, sitting  on the ties where the track used to be on the spur that led into the mill. Still waiting  to be switched out 14 years after I built it from the Keystone model works O scale plans of the GRR caboose that ran here. But now I get to isolate in it so I’m not complaining too much.6B36494A-5E84-4E0C-B6E0-41BE44D7BF77

Have a great weekend. I can’t wait to see what you guys post. 


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 As usual Patrick, your love of the hobby and trains shines through with these excellent switcher shots'... I always look forward to seeing your work, and keeping these threads alive'..Thank you for your daily hard work and dedication to the forum'❗❗❗ 👍😉

Ted - I'm humbled by your kind words.  Thank you!  

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