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Happy Switcher Saturday everyone!

Welcome to our weekly homage to little locomotives that do big things. 

For this weekend's kickoff image e have a K-line Plymouth and an RMT patriotic caboose paused near main street of Shiny Town. 


The concept for Switcher Saturday is as simple as the title is alliterative. 

Here we celebrate locomotive switcher and critters in all forms.   From road switcher and transfer diesels down to A-5's, diminutive Vulcans, and track machines,  it's all good here.   

Obviously three rail O gauge is a major player,  but all scales and gauges are welcome,  from Hongz through prototype. 

Everyone be nice.

Everyone keeps to the OGR terms of service regarding pictures.  If it's not your picture, and you don't have the owner's permission to post it, just post a link please. 

With all that said, please share some stories, photos,  videos,  memories etc..  Have fun everybody!!


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Original Post


                           happy "SWSAT" !!!        switcher smorgasbord...













             Marci's photo in Maumee...





                                        have a great weekend everyone !!



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Good morning switcher fans.  The Docksider and her crew have today off, so we’ll cover other action in the Worcester area.

B&M Mogul 1455 (the prototype has survived, on display at the Danbury, CT, Railroad Museum) has brought a milk train down from Keene, NH.  B&M 0-8-0 switcher 613 has been dispatched to deliver the milk cars to a dairy in North Grafton, MA.  By Sunday morning the milk will be processed and delivered to stores and homes in Central MA.

I bet a lot of you folks remember home milk delivery like I do!



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Looking good everybody!

While on vacation with the family a couple weeks ago, I made it to Dale's Trains in Norfolk VA.  Really nice place, really nice people!  I hope you don't mind pictures with the price tags, but it turns out there's a small fleet of pre-war steam switchers hiding in the store if you look for a while. 




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