This will be a Switcher Saturday experiment.  This is also tribute to the man who started the original recurring thread.

The main purpose of switcher saturday is to show some love to switchers, docksiders, yard goat, critters, and any other creation on the opposite end of the spectrum from the Big Boy's, Allegheny's and Centennial Diesels. Here we are sticking up for the little guy who makes big things happen!!

In regards to compliance with the letter and spirit of the OGR tos, this post is in the photo album section as the subject is switchers and small motive power.  Three rail O is the common medium but anything from prototype through Hongz, grand scales, live steam etc is welcome, as long you took the photo yourself or have permission to post it.  Feel free to post a link to something cool.

With all that said, here's a few shots from my files, I hope you enjoy them:


In an attempt to make this experiment work, these rules should look familiar

1. if it's related to switchers (model switchers, prototypes, critters, switching yards, switching layouts) - we want to see it! Videos, Pics, Stories (true or fictional), poems, whatever!

2. if you miss the post on Saturday? NO BIG DEAL, just keep posting pictures of your favorites until the next #SwitcherSaturday

3. keep it friendly - we want this to be fun. (we haven't had any problems with grumpy trolls, I'd like to keep it that way)

Note- If this gets traction I will try to keep it going for a little while but will likely need alot of help along the way.  If the old regulars just aren't interested, thats okay with me,  this is just an experiment.  

High Greens to All - JHZ563


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Original Post

Happy SWSAT, everyone!


Was just re-reading that an early EMD switcher (NW2) would pay for itself in 5 years with the savings from replacing a steam switcher.

I think it is great idea to move SWSAT to Photo Albums because that way anything goes, prototype or model.



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I am away from my computer today so don't have anything to post but will be back on SWSAT - MARK II next Saturday with switcher photos from my model railroad. Thank you very much for restarting a Saturday thread on our favorite subject. See you next week.


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Here's a pic I took of the Kansas City Terminal's roundhouse on Southwest Blvd back when it was still a railroad roundhouse and still in use for same:


Today it's an office complex and the turntable area is a flowery parking lot setting. At least the structure is still there and wasn't razed... albeit in non-RR form.



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Thank you for keeping the spirit of SWSAT alive.  If we all follow the ground rules, I see this reincarnation having a LOOONG run.

Here are a few shots I took of some Lima equipment.




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Happy SWSat- happy to keep the spirit of the thread alive.

Here's my new to me K-line A5. It's a PRR 0-4-0. These little work horses were the backbone of much of the PRR's urban freight operations around Philadelphia. 

Be happy to start up the thread occasionally if someone hasn't beaten me too it.


2019-08-09 16.56.272019-08-09 16.56.35


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Here are my two PRR switchers. In fact, they are the only PRR engines I have. I got the diesel from Rich Murnane in a trade. I picked up the K-Line caboose for Rich at York.





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Hi again, all...

I may have missed something over the recent past. Has Rich Murnane stepped back from hosting this thread?


Yea!...Switcher Saturday!...wasn't quite sure what was going to happen to one of the favorite topics I follow...(but don't contribute much to)...

This is a picture from the favorite Marx switcher and one of my favorite cars...(in addition to the dozen plus Marx tankers i have)...



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   In honor of Rich, and starting "SWSAT" 4 1/2 years ago,

   one of my favorite threads !!!





        have a great weekend " SWSAT" fans    thanks for starting us up JHZ563


         what was wrong with the photos by Marci... (my girlfriend)

         and why were they deleted ?? 




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Thank you for starting the new thread. My contribution to Mark II is my favorite switcher. Pictures are from my 2017 visit to Greenfield Village.Moto g4 Pics 144 [3)Moto g4 Pics 146 [2)Moto g4 Pics 149Moto g4 Pics 150


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Long live SWSAT - Mark II!  Big thanks to Rich Murnane for running the original format all these years. Great job, Rich.

 It is must viewing for me on Saturday morning!

Keep  up the good work, JHZ563. It is an OGR tradition, after all!

Well it looks like SWSAT Mark II is somewhat of a success.  

I should be able to keep us going for a couple weeks at least before I need a pinch hitter.  If it gets to 7:30 or 8 a.m. and you notice no else has started the thread, please pick up the baton and run with it.

I should have the repeat weekly verbiage polished up a bit more for next week.

As a tribute to the founder, Rich Murnane, here’s one of my switcher engines I know he likes-I almost sold it to him once!


High Greens to All - JHZ563 


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Great to see SWSat is continuing in the new title Switcher Saturday Mach Two !    Thanks JHZ 563 for keeping the spirit of SWSat alive!  

Rich Murnane began a fabulous thread 4 1/2 years ago and may it move forward alway encompassing his tremendous enthusiasm for switchers!  I'll be happy to pinch hit in starting this thread whenever I can.  

Today, as a tribute to  Rich, here is variety of switchers in service on the Free State Junction Railway.  ( FYI - The CSX switcher is from the MTH portable display when it was exhibited at the B&O Museum in Baltimore. ) Have a wonderful weekend everyone!IMG_2986IMG_2992IMG_2786IMG_2785IMG_2045IMG_1987IMG_1997IMG_1725IMG_0219IMG_2360IMG_2444IMG_3646IMG_3607IMG_3647


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Just founded the new thread, nice to see it  again thanks.

Today as you allow something other than three rail o gauge, I will do G gauge live steam with a model of a SHAY made in France around 40 years ago.... 


Have a great day,    Daniel


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JHZ, thanks for picking up the mantle. I see many of the old regulars have found MK II and I'm sure more will be interested once they find it.  I thought SWSAT would live on in some form, even if it was just occasionally like Team Track Tuesday.  My trains are all boxed up and I don't railfan so I follow more than contribute so I'm not a great candidate for starting the thread but in a real pinch I can always repost some of the few shots I've got.  I hope Tom and Andy find it and decide to stop by.

In my mind Rich will be checking in to see that we keep his baby running.  It won't be the same without him but I think we can keep going in a fashion that would make him happy.

JHZ563, Thank you for picking up here where Rich left off.  I too am very thankful for Rich's dedication to the SWSAT theme over the years.  I have posted photographs of this 621 on the Forum before, but here it is Christmas 2013, when my daughter gave it to me along with a lot of other Lionel trains she found at the local thrift store.

2013-12-31 14.59.02


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I am very pleased to see that many of us quickly found our way over to the new Mark II thread. Off to a promising start!

Since I live on the West Coast, by the time I could start up SWSAT, the afternoon would be well upon you folks back East, so I am not able to start things off. My hat is tipped to those of you who do step forward to keep us going, and I look forward to contributing to the thread (a bit later in the day for many of you.)

Dave, Thank you very much for pointing me in this direction.  I may have missed it without seeing your post!!!


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