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Hey there Switcher Saturday Gang ! A huge congrats to Trump Train on a fantastic Switcher Saturday last weekend!  

If you can appreciate a saddle tanker, find pleasure watching a Plymouth, think transfer diesels are terrific, or even have a grudging respect for a BL-2, you found the right place.

Switcher Saturday pays homage to Switching locos and critters of all scales, sizes, and gauges, from Hongz through prototype from around the world. We were recently even graced with some clock work tinplate taking cows to market!  Obviously there is an emphasis on 3 rail O gauge given our host medium.

This week starts off with the local short line spotting some seasonal rolling stock in Shiny Town, looking ahead to Fall.


So there's just a couple other guidelines for Switcher Saturday..

- everyone be nice

- Make sure videos or pictures are something you have permission to post, ensuring you are complying with the OGR Forum terms of service.

- have fun!!

 Please share your Switcher Stories and photos,  and enjoy the weekend 


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Original Post

Look what the Cat dragged in welcome back John and Happy SWSAT everyone 831E28F4-A479-40BE-BFC8-8230B294A4BB018323FD-E432-43E3-A58B-BE73EF75383231526AA2-4493-4BD3-9443-BAB48BD73AB8A8FB0B71-1197-4457-AC40-9957C426D47D



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Here's to a safe, healthy and happy SWSAT!


This one from the archives with that Winter afternoon lighting:



On the PER it's all switching all the time. The Paint Factory now has (4) car spots and storage for 2 more cars off-spot. The venerable SW1500 is kept busy every operating session:

                   IMG_1179 [1)


Here #806 is seen crossing Oil Creek, bringing today's work in to Town:



Even passenger work is handled by the SW1500, caught here patiently waiting while the Dinner Train boards it's hungry patrons.



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Good morning fellow switcher lovers!!  Great videos and pics fellas and keep em coming!!  JHZ563 it's great to have you back at the throttle this morning  Thanks for getting us rolling and your Halloween boxcar looks great ... did your kids put you up to posting that?    

Lately I have re-discovered the beauty of post war trains.  Today I feature my Lionel NW2 postwar switcher which I bought when I was in 7th grade.   So here we go with " A Day in the Life of Santa Fe 616."   I hope all of you and your families are sound and well.  Remember when out and about ... Be safe=Be well!  Have a wonderful weekend everyone!!

616 rounding Westend Curve before being swallowed up by Westend Tunnel. IMG_4704

With AT&SF postwar operating barrel car in tow, 616 goes about it's switching assignment. IMG_4709IMG_4703IMG_4709

In Lower Patburg, on the main,  approaching WM tower. IMG_4673

Up on the Mountain Division 616 is running lite.IMG_4622IMG_4623

In the hole, at a MOW camp siding, 616 clears the main for a passenger train to pass. MOW workers scurry about doing their tasks as 616 idles.  IMG_4617

616 joins fellow postwar locomotives for a photo op at Patsburg's commuter station.  Notice the Navy and Army guys stick together only being separated by a trash can.  A Virginian Train Master road switcher pokes it's nose out of the portal.  IMG_4650IMG_4649


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