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Greetings fellow Switcher Saturday Enthusiasts!  This is our weekly tribute to smaller locomotives that do the big work of railroading.  Switcher Saturday is open switchers and little railroad critters of all scales and gauges, with an obvious concentration on three rail O gauge given our host forum.  

Everyone plays nice and everyone follows the OGR tos.  It's that simple and lots of fun.

First up tonight, following a little sub trend from last week, is my custom painted Lionel switcher with just a caboose.  Since my kids wanted to watch the Lego movie Friday night, we have one of my favorite custom cabooses, complete with Benny on the roof ( looking for space ships of course!)20200918_204439

After that another picture of one of the old 80 ton center cabs at work.  The other one was actually fired up today to kick some cars for inspection.  Unfortunately I missed it by about 15 minutes, otherwise I would give you some video with sound.


Beyond that I have still been occasionally flipping through the old picture albums at work.

I finally found a picture with a switcher  in it.  It looks to be a Pennsy GP-7 spotting some gondolas.


Here some other scenes from around the site I thought you folks would  enjoy.


Not every got moved by rail!!


Not sure why this one didn't rotate.


Pretty sure that 's an inspection speeder in the  bottom right.


More big steel, dearator tank going up.


Boiler drum spotted- 4 truck assemblies on a shorty flat car.


So enjoy everybody.  Have a great switcher saturday!


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Good evening/morning fellow switcher fans!  JHZ563 you are off to a nice early start this weekend!  Very nice pics of the power plant construction .... those 80 tonners were certainly busy during that period.   Since it's fall I thought I'd take a visit to the Free State Junction Railway Mountain Division and show some pics of the Dockside doing it's thing in the crisp mountain air.   Have a wonderful weekend everyone!  Be safe = Be well!IMG_1728fullsizeoutput_163fullsizeoutput_217IMG_0688


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Yay!SwSat is on!

I see that we are of to a great start this weekend. 
@bob2 those B&O C-16s are so nice. Do you know who made yours?

@Mike CT that M&E RS1 looks great with @DaveP M&E SW2 you guys have a real start on the railroad. 

@sidehack your NYC RS11 looks great. I had a copy of that engine and sold it off earlier this summer for space. Glad to see one working away on a layout. 

Earlier this summer I was commuting back and forth from the Adirondacks some and I made a stop in Utica to see how the Repairs on the NYC 0-6-0 was going. A few years ago a kid pulled the brakes on some cars in the yard sending them into this engine and the engine into the station building. When I first saw it this time I was surprised to see them apart. In fact the engine was so far away from the tender at first I did not see it. The tender is restored very nicely. With some very raw foot boards.  But the engine while a lot has been done there is a good bit still to do before paint. The whole pilot area looks to have needed the most work and that is wrapping up. I really was smashed up the last few times I have seen it from the Amtrak.

87880265-5E66-4E80-9208-45545A7E7A29After visiting the last NYC steam switcher I took in some other Utica vintage switcher sights. Here are some Adirondack Scenic Alcos. The first started life as a SAL RSD5. It is stuffed and mounted at the Children’s museum with a SantaFe passenger car across from Utica Station.83A3D1FF-69B5-40F4-BDEB-A3AE7E5AE29DHopefully these will not be asleep as long but at least for this year they are out of a job. I have seen the RS2 at Tupper Lake NY so I know it can still run but maybe not this year.

983BDEF8-BC74-458A-81A8-22340A8C9F6F Next up some Mohawk Adirondack and Northern Alcos and the Utica TowerD8900420-53A5-464A-B65D-9307898C824F02965117-E178-4FD9-83FA-CDC264A0E58FCC712450-37BF-4699-AD7E-C47E26D4485E

These are all my images. 

Have a great weekend guys I can’t wait to see what you post. 


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@SIRT posted:


                                                      FAMILY LINES





SCL MTH MP15 SP Collection 20 [2)

@SIRT these look great. The SCL was the largest owner of the MP15 yet for some reason the O scale manufacturers that offered the MP15 did not make them in SCL. K-line didn’t even though they were NC based and I don’t think MTH did either. Oh well. I always liked to see them and I like the scheme. Nice work. 

                                   thumbnail [6)

                                   thumbnail [4)

NYS&W Alco S2 #206 in the Little Ferry, NJ roundhouse in primer ready to be painted in it's as delivered colors of maroon and grey- Jan. 1985.

                                                                          MY PHOTOS


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@Silver Lake posted:

@SIRT these look great. The SCL was the largest owner of the MP15 yet for some reason the O scale manufacturers that offered the MP15 did not make them in SCL. K-line didn’t even though they were NC based and I don’t think MTH did either. Oh well. I always liked to see them and I like the scheme. Nice work. 

Agree. SCL, SEABOARD COAST LINE power and cabooses were few and far between.

I want to buy a simple MTH F3A  PS2 to re-paint and cant even find one anywhere.  Decals are available. Have nothing to pull my SCL passenger cars.

Since there are no layouts with palm trees, the suppliers probably didn't take a chance at offering much power. I had to convert that Lionel B/W caboose by cutting up 2 sets of EV decals found on the bay. 2 day project. Lionel's  NE H. series is also totally incorrect. 

Good morning, everyone. I live in a California forest and am pleased to report that I still have a railroad. The recent fire here on the Russian River was fought by firefighters from all over California. So, thank you, first responders. Today’s photo is all about beer hops. Hops as a crop have moved elsewhere, but artifacts can still be seen around the county. Happy Switching, Jim



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