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Happy Birthday America!!  It's been a rough year so far but I am still confident the old U. S. of A. will come better on the other side of the current events.  We have always grown better before. 

That's enough social commentary for this thread, and now, on with the show!!


My Daughter's Pet Shop Switcher by the farmhouse.


Favorite loco's from to (soon to be) extinct manufacturers.  A K-line in the foreground and an mth unit in the back, posing in main street of shiny town.

For those unfamiliar with our little thread, Switcher Saturday - Mark II, is weekly homage to little engines that do big things.  Porters, Vulcans, Brookville, Republic, Alco, GE, EMD, Baldwin, etc, its all good here, from little critters to transfer diesels and and everything in between, we are here to celebrate switcher locomotives. All scales and gauges are welcome.

We do have a few rules - 

1. Everybody be nice.  Enough said.

2. In keeping with OGR tos, if its your photo/video, or you have the owner's permission, please share it.  If its a coll switcher related thing online and you can't get the owner's permission for whatever reason, post a link.  I promise we will still check it out.

So please if you have a picture, video, cool narrative, or a story to tell, please share!!

Special thanks to Trump Train for getting us going last weekend.

Happy Fourth of July everybody!!


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Thanks for starting early.  I was going to be too busy tomorrow to post anything.

It is July 4th, 1976, and while many folks are honoring America's 200th birthday by having family backyard BBQs and waiting for the evening's fireworks, there are tens of thousands of folks working this day, whether soldiers guarding our freedom, doctors and nurses tending to burned fingers from those fireworks, service industry folks keeping us housed in hotels and fed, truckers moving perishable goods, and railroads keeping shipments moving.

On this day a photographer caught a Conrail GP-38 moving some freight cars to the classification yard.  She had not seen this many cars painted to celebrate the bicentennial at one time before.

DSC_0001DSC_0002 [2)DSC_0005DSC_0008Weaver CR GP38-2 Bicentennial-1 [2)


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Good morning fellow switcher fans!  Happy Independence Day!   You guys surely have some terrific looking locomotives & rolling stock decked out in patriotic livery.    Enjoy your weekend everyone!!  Be safe and be well!

Unfortunately I have no red, white, and blue locomotives or rolling stock, however, it's sometime on a July 4 back in the 1950's, the roving rail photographer captured this scene as the Patsburg Vol. Fire Dept. gets ready for the annual 4th of July parade.... Engine No 1 decked out in stars and stripes will lead the parade.  ( click on each photo to enlarge ) IMG_3604

A B&O GP9 and F3 B unit glide past the tower.IMG_3612

It's a sweltering hot July 4  ... GP9 3414 idles as it's crew waits for a green signal.  As it's the 1950's there is no AC in the cab. Luckily there is a jug of ice cold water on board.  IMG_3620

I took these photos yesterday morning as natural light peered in through my train room's east window.  Here we see a first light freight trundling toward us on the FSJR Mountain Division. IMG_3529

A deer is scouting out breakfast as the freight is about to cross a small rural road. IMG_3572

The first ray of sunshine illuminates the face of locomotive. IMG_3583IMG_3584IMG_3585

Here's a photo from the archives .... a K line Pennsy A-5 crew talks over the next switch move.IMG_1330

The Pennsy A5 .... a work horse for sure. IMG_1329


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                                     Rahway Valley 70 ton G.E. #16 at little Ferry, NJ- Sept. 87'.  

                                            I believe this engine is now owned by UHRS of NJ.

                                                                           MY PHOTOS


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Happy Independence Day to everyone...AND it happens to be "Switcher Saturday".  So I searched and found some Red/White/ Blue trains and they turned out to be here is my contribution for today.

Here is the Marx 1798 Cape Canaveral Express made from 1959-1964

RWB loco 1

Here is the same engine on the layout but with the Red/White/Blue "State of Maine" Marx 7" boxcar

RWB loco 3

Finally here is the modern era, Lionel "Jeremiah O'Brien, Spirit of 1776" GP-9 switcher.

RWB loco 2

Finally, on this Holiday like every day, "Old Glory" flies over Small Town on the Leonardtown and Savannah, even while shoppers and commuters wait for the mid-day train to the city.  Flag and base is Lionel from 1957 (yes it is a "48 star" flag as it was produced before Hawaii and Alaska became states)

RWB pic 4

Happy Independence Day everyone...Please stay safe as this virus comes roaring back.



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This Saturday the Docksider crew has a respite from their usual “rescue” duty.  The NH has brought a cut of Narragansett Beer reefers from the brewery in Providence to Worcester.  X-8688 has been dispatched to haul the cars from the NH yard to the wholesale beer distributor off the B&A.

Regular Docksider readers will recall the fireman, Vasik Semaphorowski, likes to frequent the local watering holes for a few cold ones (never before work).  Seeing those beautiful Gansett reefers makes him really thirsty!  He can almost taste the beer!  He should have no trouble finding a Gansett on tap, because that brew was once the largest selling beer in NE.

As the late, great Red Sox announcer, Curt Gowdy, used to say “Hi neighbor, have a Gansett”.  I hope all you switcher fans get to enjoy a cold one on this holiday!



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