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Thanks for sharing, Bob! The "drone" footage is amazing. I'd never seen a "transfer table" before but, if I ever get the space and skill, it would be fun to model one. From the East Erie Commercial Rail Road herald, it appears that that center cab is on contract to Wabtec. The video lists it as an EEC GE SL-85:

They've been around since 1974. This one was nicely rebuilt.

The transfer table is usually on the inbound side, the arrangement seen on the video is unusual.

@Putnam Division Peter has a beauty from Mill River on his layout.

As others have said, the modeling ideas in the video are endless.

I could build an entire layout based on what is shown.

Gotta give credit to the crew too. Knowing what switch to throw to get where they need to go is impressive.


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And putting the shelves up would allow for more loops of track on the tables......

Unfortunately, the spare bedroom I'm using for my office/train room doesn't have the space. The back side of my 5' x 14' folding table setup has a one foot "easement" from the only usable wall and I can't move them farther out without crowding my computer area. I'm pretty much in the mode of just running trains, but, since I'm getting a 990 Legacy Control system, I likely will add a siding with automatic turnout so I can hold one train while running another even if I have to store some items.

In short, "I'm gonna need a bigger house!"

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