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Would you be interested in a custom MTH switcher?

E-Z Catch and Dixie Union Station are offering a bunch of custom runs from MTH!
First we have the Granite City Works SW1200! This comes in two cab numbers -
Item # 30-21078-1 - Cab # 1242
Item # 30-21079-1 - Cab # 1191
Next up there is the RJ Corman SW1200! This engine also comes in two cab numbers -
Item # 30-21068-1 - Cab # 1262
Item # 30-21069-1 - Cab # 1307
Lastly, we have the GMTX MP15DC. This one comes in one cab number.
Item # 30-21011-1 - Cab # 220
The pre-buy price for all of these engines are 369.99 each with free shipping within the continental U.S.
To order -
Call E-Z Catch at 718-727-7373 or email Pat at  Dealer inquiries are welcome.
You can also call Dixie Union Station at 513-459-0460 or email Rocky at

You can also visit our webpages!

E-Z Catch Train Shop -
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