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Sent Ron045 an unlettered MTH caboose, and “presto” this is what I received back, painstakingly decaled. Thanks, again, Ron

Might have been one of the most challenging jobs for me.  I used O, S, and HO decals on that model since the decal package was meant for a larger caboose.  I'm very pleased that you like it.


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New Haven northeastern caboose C-649 is an MTH Railking-scale model (30-7013F) issued in 2000. It is not prototypical for the New Haven Railroad. At right, across from the caboose in the first photo, is the tail-end of New Haven boat-tailed observation car "Bunker Hill," from an MTH Premier set.




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Well Happy T.E.T. everyone.  Today I am showing a very short NYC transfer freight train, just one box car, the NYC GE 70 ton Switcher in grey and of course the NYC caboose.  This is the #18326 Tuscan NYC 8-wheel caboose with plastic knuckle couplers,  available from 1956 - 1974.   Its riding behind the grey #588 GE 70 ton NYC switcher from 1962 and the green NYC deluxe boxcar (opening doors define deluxe) from 1973-74

Here is a picture of the entire little train.  Interesting design feature.  The box car has Marx's "automatic" (often called "pickle fork") couplers which are completely incompatible with the plastic knuckle couplers on the caboose.  However, Marx knew that a lot of his rolling stock still carried the old tab/slot he put a slot in the top of that pickle fork and the tab from that switcher just fits in it fine.  Clever design to enhance compatibility.

Marx NYC switcher train full train

Here is a better view of the hard working Marx #588 NYC GE 70 ton switcher in grey (it was made in 3 colors)

Marx NYC 588 switcher train front quarter

Since its T.E.T here is a stand alone picture of the Marx #18326 NYC caboose in Tuscan with white lettering and the NYC oval herald.

Marx NYC caboose side view

Well just to show you that Mr. Marx did not like getting caught behind the times, below is the same basic caboose even with the same numbers #18326 ONLY now its a PENN CENTRAL caboose, twisted worms and all.  This one was available in 1974 which still makes it relevant to the PC which lasted from 1968-1976.

Marx PC caboose side view

Well Happy Friday everyone.  Hope you have a great weekend



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  • Marx NYC switcher train full train
  • Marx NYC 588 switcher train front quarter
  • Marx NYC caboose side view
  • Marx PC caboose side view

A forum member and fellow member of the Lone Star Hi-Railers, J.E. Motts, sent me a "heads up" regarding the 1st quarter 2023 issue of Trains & Railroads of the Past. It features an eleven page spread of my old stomping grounds in north central Texas including one of my home roads, the QA&P.  Here is a "picture of a picture" of my next project for TET:


This photo made me jump out of my chair and get "high behind" to find a CA-1 caboose to repaint and letter.  To my extreme pleasure, K4 Decals as well as Protocraft Decals makes a set for this project.  (I have both).  Yippee, Amen and Hallelujah!!!

Original photo by Walter A. Appel as appears in issue #33 of Trains & Railroads of the Past.


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Don't mean to lead you down the path of perdition Bob...........but maybe it's time for you to go shopping 

Dallas- that path is well worn on my railroad........ Maybe I should start attending fish fry's....

@Apples55 - Paul- I discovered something neat about the caboose last night. It has a regulated power supply for the lights. I had it sitting on a powered siding, and when I turned the power off, the lights dimmed down to off after a few seconds.

Unfortunately even the MPC GG-1 won't run on my layout unless I remove the photographs......I know, expand.....

@Rob Leese- looks like a neat project. Happy hunting.


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Well hello T.E.T. fans, given the volatility in the stock market these days I thought I might celebrate that "wonderful" year 1929 when the big stock market crash occurred .  OK so maybe not such good news, but to make up for it here is a cheerful little American Flyer Observation Car from 1929.  This one matches an1120 Pullman and a beautiful little 1097 box cab electric locomotive both in the same color scheme.  So here is the 1929 American Flyer #1120 observation car.

Here is the T.E.T. view with the train name "Flyer Limited" proudly displayed from the observation platform.  These cars, in various color schemes were made from 1923-1930 and the "blue/green" roof dates this one to 1929.

AF 1120 observation car end view

Here is the side view.  Note the elaborate lithograph treatment of the rivets and window shades, the fact that the restroom windows are depicted as being glazed with no vision glass and the depressed panel in the vestibule door and car sides.  For such a modest piece of rolling stock, this lithograph treatment was quite extensive.

AF 1120 observation car side view

Well I hope your week is going well

Best Regards



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  • AF 1120 observation car end view
  • AF 1120 observation car side view

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