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Nice to see !!!!!!  
This is from a sweet “one n done” MTH Offering. I have the 5 car set with E6. It’s one of my favorites !!!!!

Glad you are a fan of IC.  This set has more detail than the standard MTH offerings. I especially like the diaphragms. I'll post more on the BAC thread, but I picked up a 10 car set at auction and it arrived yesterday. After oiling the wheels I still think it will need two operating engines to pull this heavy set. I have a thing for passenger sets.   

Here are some "Tail Ends" down thru the ages....

American Flyer 1117 from 1919-1929 (till 1929 as an 8 wheel car, as a 4 wheel till 1935)

AF 1117 caboose side view

Hafner, after acquisition of Hafner by Wyandotte Toys.  Caboose # 41021  from 1951-1956 (Note "Wyandotte" name in circular herald).  Sadly, this was to be the end of "Hafner" trains as Wyandotte filed for bankruptcy in 1957.

Hafner 41021 caboose [Wyandotte label) side view

Lionel 2472 available from 1946-1947 (note interior plastic on windows is not original).  This was part of the last series of tinplate freight cars...plastic is "on the way"!!

Lionel 2472 caboose rear

Lionel #657 from 1935-1938 , American Flyer (O gauge but S scale) from 1940-1946, Lionel #817 from 1936

Lionel - American Flyer pre war cabooses

Best Wishes on a great Tuesday!



Images (4)
  • AF 1117 caboose side view
  • Hafner 41021 caboose (Wyandotte label) side view
  • Lionel - American Flyer pre war cabooses
  • Lionel 2472 caboose rear
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Wow, Tuesday’s roll around like our cabooses and @Don McErlean, Don, you’ve pictured all tin plate models, each looking beautiful in their own way, however, the Hafner wins, the crew looks cool, Wow, @Sitka, your Lionel cabooses look right at home, they used to be the standard in years past, @Yellowstone Special, Vern,  that’s a gorgeous Sante Fe Observation car, Wow, @MELGAR, Mel, your Boston and Maine themed cabooses and trains are awesome as are your layouts, Wow… @trumptrain , Patrick, I love your B&O baggage car and your scenes, so realistic looking, Beautiful, and @Mark Spadaro, beautiful outdoor picture of a cool switcher…. I’m wondering where @RSJB18, Bob is today??? Happy Tail End Tuesday everyone…IMG_9264IMG_9265IMG_9266IMG_9267IMG_9268IMG_9269IMG_9263


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  • IMG_9265
  • IMG_9266
  • IMG_9267
  • IMG_9268
  • IMG_9269
  • IMG_9263

Well T.E.T. fans, this will be an unusual posting for me.  I have nearly no PW American Flyer trains although I do have some S scale but 0 gauge Marx and (pre war) Flyer.  However this little set showed up at a local antique shop and it was so cheap and in neat condition I just had to have it...This is the American Flyer #24603 caboose. The livery on the side says "BLT 5-51" which is likely leftover from earlier models of this car.  It has the Gilbert knuckle coupler which was not introduced until 1952 and then only on top of the line sets (which this is not) and not really widely used till 1953.  However, it is still a handsome gal so I liked it and took it home.  Note it is just sitting on my 0 gauge 3 rail track it is actually S gauge as well as scale.

American Flyer 24603 caboose

Best wishes for your Tuesday



Images (1)
  • American Flyer 24603 caboose

Well everyone, here we are on another T.E.T. already, seems the weeks are flying by...its clearly "fall" in central Texas with daytime temperatures in the 80's and night time lows in the 40's and 50's.  Today I thought I might take everyone back a few years today to the 1930's, a difficult time for the world, the nation, and toy makers for sure,including toy trains.  With unemployment running at 25-50% spending at Christmas on an expensive toy train for your children was mostly just impossible.  For those who could at least afford something, all the manufacturers strove to produce low priced lines, Lionel was no different.

Joshua Cowen did not like lithography, felt it produced "cheap" looking toys compared to his beautiful enameled finishes...BUT he needed "cheap" to stay in business.  So after acquiring Ives in 1932, he took over their lithographed designs and processes and brought out several lines of lithographed trains both freight and passenger.  Some of these stayed in the line nearly until production stopped in 1942 although they were often not pictured in the Lionel catalog.  So today I have two variants of his quite successful passenger cars and despite what Mr. Cowen felt I think these are handsome.  In honor of Tail End Tuesday, I am using the observation cars but the coaches were the same except for the addition of the rear platform.

First the #1691 sold between 1933-1939 however this color scheme (light red with red/black speckles over the windows) was one of the later variations so this would be from the later part of that period.  Note the nickle plated journal boxes, the "fish belly" under the frame,  and the add on railings on the door, "luxury" touches on an inexpensive car.

Lionel 1691 red cream obs side view

Note also that the rear wall of the observation platform end of the car is red in color.

Lionel 1691 red cream obs rear quarter

Here is one of the later versions of the same car...the #1693  made in 1939 only and uncatalogued in that year.  It still has the nickle door railings but no fish belly and (as produced) no journal box covers.  I know this looks like it has journal box covers but those were added, likely by some well meaning Dad, and they are just basically drops of solder to simulate the journal box covers.

Lionel 1693 blue cream obs side view

Well here is why I wanted to draw attention to the rear wall of the observation platform the red/cream car because if you look closely at the below picture you can see that the rear wall is STILL red!  Perhaps as a cost saving measure they never changed the color of this one wall of the car.  

Lionel 1693 blue cream observation rear quarter

Well all the best everyone.  Hope your week is going well so far.

Best Wishes



Images (4)
  • Lionel 1691 red cream obs side view
  • Lionel 1691 red cream obs rear quarter
  • Lionel 1693 blue cream obs side view
  • Lionel 1693 blue cream observation rear quarter

Well I thought I might post a girl that's just celebrating her 100th birthday.  The Lionel #604 observation car (after all it is "tail end" Tuesday).  Available from Lionel in this color from 1923-1925.  She is illuminated (unusual for her age) and the power pick up on the trucks appears to be original, not added later.  For those wondering, the "604" number is rubber stamped on the end.

Lionel 604 observation side

Here is an end view of the observation platform

Lionel 604 observation end

Well I hope your week is going OK

Best Wishes



Images (2)
  • Lionel 604 observation side
  • Lionel 604 observation end

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