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Coupla windows knocked loose. Could it be a simple as removing the single screw on each end, or do the 2 deeply recessed screws on both sides come into play? Anybody done this before? Don’t wanna wind up with a jigsaw puzzle. Thanks.



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I took one apart last year. There are several screws, including four TINY ones hidden at the bottom of holes/recesses accessible on the bottom of the caboose. You need to stick a long screwdriver into the holes from the underside and spin them around until they engage the screws, then remove them. You also need to remove the ladders where they connect to the roof (lift them out, if I remember correctly).

It wasn't fun at all, but not as hard as the horror stories I read online here.

This link might help:

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you dont need to take out the tiny ones..  the ladder has to come off and the 4 body ones.

Correct; the tiny ones at the ends aren’t involved. The deeply recessed screws (4) need to be accessed. After backing them out, it’s a relatively straightforward disassembly. Gluing the windows back in was the hard part. Thank you both.

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