I'm not that much into Narrow Gauge, but you are correct.  The detail and the vignettes was just unbelievable.  I especially loved the card game near the beginning. Top notch modeling craft.

Top notch modeling. They are in Odessa Fl. just out of New Port Richey.

 In the early 2000’s I did some local train shows with some of these guys. We all had portable layouts as some may remember. Jon Addison was with the Gulf to Bay Modelers at that time displaying the Silverton Central. I can see his work on this project. https://www.finescalemodeling.org/meet-the-artisans


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Who the H has that much time on their hands - God bless - awesome 👍🏼

How about the cost $$

In $$ likely far less than a typical equivalent size three rail layout. Most of the structures appear to be scratch built. Plaster and stripwood would cost less than an unassembled kit or assembled structure. A few modelers I know who can create this level of craftsmanship have precision saws and make their own stripwood from from fallen limbs so material cost is nearly nil.

Cost in time is another matter.


"This 1:20.3 scale modular model railroad"  The larger size also adds to the illusions.  Fantastic modeling.  As far as costs goes its almost the same per square foot regardless of scale.  Don't believe me?  Figure how much stuff goes into a sq ft in N scale, then HO, then . . . .   Cost or time are never a concern of a true craftsman, only the QUALITY of the result, whether purchased or handmade!  Russ

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