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The WH-03 Paterson Silk Mill project is now rivaling the WH-01 UP Trackside Warehouse project in layout placement. The standard 12" section and 4" extension can be combined in many configurations and the shadowbox format has been built from two to five stories in height. The most recent Run 15 has incorporated one window column on the side of the shadowbox for added depth.

We are now producing a 6-story building in a 28" long by 6" wide configuration. That's 204 doors and windows. The height will be 20-3/8". CAD work has been completed and cutting starts today on Run 16. If you are interested in a taller trackside warehouse or one a shorter one that is not in a build box, please contact the shop if you would like to be included in the run.






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First day of cutting off the 6-story WH-03 Paterson Silk Mill run in the books. There are three 12" long regular sections (6 window columns) unspoken for at this writing. They may be cut as a regular 12" long section to be used as stand-alone or as part of a 6/2 or 2/6 window column configuration. They can also be make the left and right side of a 3/2/3 configuration. Lots of O Scale ladders thanks to the idea of a couple of fellow hobbyists. And those little squares- they can be used for as pavers in a peal & stick garden path, my Linda's idea........ Let me know if you want a bag.



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WH-03 Paterson Silk Mill 6-Story Custom Build- Day 3

Three days of laser cutting in the books. Each regular section (.060" cel cast acrylic plastic w/ 3M 467MP adhesive transfer tape on the back) is 1 hours, 40 minutes in the Trotec, one of the longest runs for us. Time is added because of the ladders that are cut in each of the window dropouts. Just over 200 windows are needed for the model, so nine runs of two layers each of PolyBak with 3M 467MP on the back.

There are two more 12" long regular sections in the run if you need a regular, or one or two window column deep shadowbox.



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I have an age-old AutoCAD license (five-stations) from 2007, back when you could still buy and own without subscription. It works great on the old PC and operating system for the Trotec. I will be attending a Trotec open house in New Jersey in a couple of weeks to see what the ability of new machines is and perhaps come to grips with what the price of admission is for a total upgrade. I also have a teaching license with AutoDesk for the current version of AutoCAD for Mac. It is not licensed for use professionally so I don't cross that bridge.

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This week's Shadowbox of the Week is a remnant from the StreetScape Series 1 six piece set, our first run of limited production shadowboxes with the original intent of being interchangeable with other like pieces to create a street backdrop. This model is S1-6, the right side piece so it has stucco on the left parting wall and brick on the right side. There are two of them left after the other 58 pieces in the series have been placed on layouts. The windows are glazed clear and the model comes with magnetic and metal strips for holding it in place on your table. Call, email or message the shop for additional details.



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I have developed some baluster pieces for a customer and would like to offer it in kit form. Each column is made from 3/8" x 3/8" clear acrylic stock that is 1-1/4" tall (5' in O Scale). Each column will include three each of two panels- one with a star in it (decorative) and one with appropriate holes in it to lock in the baluster (functional). The panels will be peal & stick so the assembler can either create a straight line or 90 degree corner with each column. The baluster sections consist of four pieces: one laser scored and cut baluster main element (1/16" thick), and three pieces of styrene that the assembler adds to the main element to build out the top and bottom. The baluster main element will require a slitting saw or fine tooth hobby saw to cut to length if needed.

The question is: What center to center length(s) would you like to have available? Ideally for me the kit would be in a 4" x 8" zip-lock bag, with a retail card behind it- easy to hang on the pegboard at train shows. With 7" of length available inside the bag, column center-to-center dimension would be 7-3/8" or about 29-1/2' in O Scale. I would then adjust the baluster main element to create a 30' in O Scale center-to-center kit. So maybe we go with baluster main elements that create 10', 20' and 30' in O Scale sections. Is that something that you would be interested in? If so, how many pieces in each kit? All the same length or a mixture of all three?

As for painting, the assembler is on his own. The sample shown has a base coat airbrushed on and then three other colors daubed on with a piece of paper towel wetted with the paints.



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Receiving no feedback and needing to move forward, the new baluster kit will be available for shipment next week. I decided to go with four sections each that are 7-1/2", 3-3/4" and 1-7/8" pieces, measured center-to-center on the posts. That's 50-1/2" overall length possible out of one kit. If there is enough interest, I will also offer a kit with just seven 7-1/2" long sections.

Details of the kit are shown on the retail card prototype. The kits will retail for $29.99. I will extend a 20% discount and an extra 7-1/2" section for anyone who expresses interest by emailing the shop at




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Sidetracked to build out a G Scale version of the WH-03 Paterson Silk Mill complete with chair and bench kits from the shadowbox. The customer had me light this one. I have a 2-story and 4-story version in buildboxes for quick assembly. This one- 15" wide x 13-3/4" tall by 2" deep with Roscolux 97 glazing.

Heading to Tunkhannock Park, PA to take in a bluegrass festival and the viaduct. Back to O and S Scale building versions on Monday. Have a great model railroading week!



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Back from the Tunkhannock Park, PA weekend trip (great viaduct viewing weather!) and NJ Primary poll working on Tuesday. Today I updated the website for this week's Shadowbox of the Week. It was developed from our CS-03 Corrigan Station (Kansas City, MO) project specifically for limited height and depth shelf layout applications. The prototypical Walnut Street elevation was made into four window columns instead of three. The shadowbox structure was reduced to 3/4" depth instead of the normal 1". Three were produced, one each in clear, translucent and Roscolux Grey glazing. The shadowbox is 18" long, 5-1/2" tall and 1" deep overall. As usual, each story is separated by a floor and ceiling. Comes with the metal and magnetic strip for holding in place on your train table.  The price is $125 each plus USPS or UPS to your location. Shop pickup is always available.



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Prepping to do a run of the WH-03 Paterson Silk Mill project in S Scale building format. O Scale samples are shown below. Notice the varied window and door locations that are possible. You have choices of two different window styles and clear, translucent or Roscolux Grey glazing. The basic square building in S Scale is 9" x 9". Other configurations are possible. The order driving this run is 9" x 21" and is 4-stories tall. The building can be 3-, 4-, 5- or 6-stories tall. I will be accepting custom orders through Sunday, June 11, 2023. Message me directly to express interest. This will likely be my last offering of this building in S Scale building format.



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At the Amherst Railway Society's Railroad Hobby Show this past January I was approached to consider modeling the Erie Railway Susquehanna Station and Hotel (Starrucca House) in HO Scale for a museum layout. I jumped at the opportunity of being considered for the commission and advised that I would be able to begin historic research on the project in June. It is now June and I'll work my first site visit and official project meeting into a weekend trip to Watkins Glen IMSA weekend at the end of the month.

There is National Park Service, Department of the Interior architectural documentation produced in 1971 that is available for the building as well as a number of black & white and color photographs. I would be interested if you have any additional architectural documentation of the Sturrucca House that is not in the public domain.

I intend to develop the project in HO and O Scales. The footprint of the entire building in O Scale is approximately 20" x 82". The building can also be produced in a shadowbox format with roof compression obscured by trees. The left and right ends could be shortened and the model would still be a viable representation of the building. I anticipate a design and production time of about nine months. Reach out to me directly by email or telephone if you are interested in a physical model. Have a great model railroading weekend!!!

Starrucca House-sheet-00001v


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The One-A-Days format is going to change to One-A-Weeks, at least through the summer. A Father's Day sale is currently active through June 21 for 10% off all items in the Shop pulldown menu on the website. Enter TRAINDAD10%OFF2023 when to check out.

I am looking forward to this week's trip to the Susquehanna Station and Binghamton Railroad Historic District.

An order has been received for a new variation of the WH-06 McElwain Factory Warehouse project. The variation is for two window columns of depth at 6-1/2 stories in height. The picture shows a one window column depth variation. The two window column depth model will be about 4-1/4" deep by 17-1/2" tall by 12" wide. As always there are individual floors and ceilings and your choice of clear, translucent or Roscolux Grey glazing. Reach out to me by email at if you would like to order one. The price is $330 plus USPS shipping to your location.The deadline to order is close of business Friday, July 8, 2023 as production is immediate. Due to other project commitments no other special orders can be considered until after October TCA York.



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The laser cutting of the WH-06 6-1/2 McElwain Factory Warehouse special order is complete. Two of the 2-window column depth version were ordered and a third was cut for inventory/build box. Each model will have 70 windows- that is 630 pieces of laser cut PolyBak that will make up 210 total sash sub-assemblies (bronze) and masonry frames (rust red). About 14 hours laser time.

I don't like to waste material so the window dropouts of the elevations were filled with 1" high letters and numerals. The material is 1/16" thick white cel cast acrylic plastic and there is high performance adhesive transfer tape on the back for peal & stick application after they are painted. There are around 300 total pieces. I will ship the entire lot to you for $20.00- first come first served. email to express interest.




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