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@Derailed10o posted:

I'm excited to see what Lou has coming out next year.

To bad Atlas won't produce locomotives more often. They have the tooling. With the MTH line they could fine tune the models with better railings and sell them fast. I don't know...

I much admire Atlas as a family business and the way they survive in a difficult business.

One of my few criticisms is that Atlas never fixes anything that's wrong detail wise.  The RS3s should have had the tooling scrapped due to the horribly inaccurate handrails.  Even AHM got it right 40 plus years ago in a cheapie HO locomotive. 

I do hope this is a good product for Tangent.  Just when I think of selling the whole shebang someone starts up the good car machine again. 

Dear O Scalers,

I just received my UPS shipping notice that my Tangent Celanese was shipped today- less than 24 hours from ordering the model.

These guys are for real !!!

if they continue offering there HO models in O scale 2 rail brass the PRR X58 Boxcar , G41A Steel Coil car OR G43 Gondola would be great offering time span from 1962 to 2020.

Thank you again Tangent models.

John P. Dunn Sr. Presdent CVMRR

@hibar posted:

MMW has samples at 600+ for display at some O scale meets, actual production remains a distant goal. Division Point is  pushing the 500 # in HO cars and Coach Yard passenger trains for what still appears to be a strong collector base.

"currently selling newly produced " --  seen his stuff at Chicago and lots of photos, but MMW hasn't delivered anything as far as I know and is rapidly approaching vaporware status.  While I am aware of high end HO, it's not really relevant here in this forum.

Protocraft is still showing their reefers for under $300.  Probably worth running out and buying everything they still have in stock today given this $500 price point.

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WELCOME Tangent Models to O/Proto48 2-rail O Scale.
No matter how beautiful your model is, lots of people will complain about it.

I was initially disappointed that it was not a plastic offering but understand the costs involved. Hopefully O Scale / Proto48 will prove a worthy investment in the future.

I would remind everybody that there is only one manufacturer (San Juan Model Co) producing Proto48 Freight Car kits today and one importer of Proto48 Brass freight cars (Protocraft).

There are other the freight car kit manufacturers whose products are sold without trucks, like Southern Car and Foundry, Rails Unlimited, Sylvan Models, Smokey Models and Glacier Park Models, but they have not also made the investment in producing a Proto48 truck. So they are not really a Proto48 model offering.

Please let's not complain too loudly that this choice of models is not what you wanted.
Instead let's celebrate that someone has decided to jump into our market and has produced a fine model.

I ordered one of the tank cars today as a Proto48 version. I can't wait for it to arrive.

Thank you Tangent Models!

Dear Fellow O Scale 2 Railers,

      Looking forward to receiving my model tomorrow night by UPS.

Also looking forward to fellow South Jerseyan George Losse review of this piece!!

There must be something in the water in South Jersey with 2 of us so far purchasing the Tangent model and Lou's CLW PRR RT-624 diesel model which we purchased 5 out of the 32 produced.

BTW, had the Mather car project by RY Models come to fruition, the models would have been $475. to $550.

The future is for those who prepare for it.

Merry Christmas and Happy Hanukkah !!

John P. Dunn Sr. President CVMRR

CVMRR OPEN HOUSE 01/07/08/14/15 , 2023 12-3 PM

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WELCOME Tangent Models to O/Proto48 2-rail O Scale.

Please let's not complain too loudly that this choice of models is not what you wanted.

Instead let's celebrate that someone has decided to jump into our market and has produced a fine model.

Thank you Tangent Models!

I totally agree. I love the prototype that they picked. I would seriously consider buying one but only two weeks ago I reserved the NYC H10 with Scott so it is not in my budget. I think it is really great that someone new has decided to enter o scale. I look forward to seeing what they do in the future.

E458B2CD-F473-4922-AE99-6B0E37F1CBF4Dear Fellow 2 Rail O Scalers,

a knock on my door at 4:30 today and my Tangent model is here !!

I have attached photos of the model .

Can’t wait to dirty her up a little to bring out that beautiful rivet detail.

Looking forward to accumulating more white/orange Tangent boxes to go with the green ,red , blue , black boxes!!

Thank you , Tangent Models

John P. Dunn St. President CVMRR


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@mark s posted:

It appears that as of this writing 3 of the 6 offerings are sold out.  Good news!   Hopefully we may see another O Scale product from Tangent.

When I looked I saw 4 out of 18 sold out.  Each offering has a few road numbers which = 18 total offerings (not counting Proto48) Of those, 4 road #s were sold offering had all road #s sold out.

I want them to succeed so I do hope they sell out.

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