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@BwanaBob posted:

I can understand having lights inside the camper, but why would you want the car's headlights lit?  In what situation would this be normal ?  Is there a visible driver inside?

We thought of that. Actually, to be completely prototypical for this vintage of pickup, you’d only light one headlight, as the other would always be burn out! But then they would all be returned as defective! After all, no good deed ever goes unpunished. 😊

There is no driver visible because this is Camper Vic’s hideaway. Let’s remember that this is for fun, guys!

Thank you, Mark the Menards Train Guy

I think this is cute little accessory suitable for a layout that has a small unfilled area.   The lights for the truck are on, because Vic needs to charge the battery as it has a habit of running down due to the clock on the dash and some electrical draw from the radio.

Anyone with an old car can relate to this as those clocks and radio's would draw the battery down over time. 

This was a "just in time" accessory, as wife and I just installed a waterfall that kinda looked out of place.  So we will rearrange some layout things (advantage of not having buildings wired up) to place this right next to waterfall.

As to truck you could always black out one headlight or leave whole thing unplugged for daytime or imagine owner was in bed (lights out) dreaming of that big next fish catch or 10 point deer!

Since we camp I thought this would be a good addition to my layout. I modified a few things though. I removed the flamingos and put a fire pit in its place. Added a stack of firewood near the fence with additional wood in the back of the truck. I am still working on the surrounding area around the campsite.


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