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What's being loaded, unloaded, parked, or exhibited on your railroad?

Team tracks have long been an important part of railroad operations. They can be found in rural countrysides, small towns, and large cities. These non-dedicated sidings make it possible for any local businesses to access to the nation's rail network. Virtually any type of freight car can be on/off loaded here.

From operators of highly detailed layouts to those with a simple loop of tinplate, this weekly thread is for everyone. We are not picky here at the Team Track - Any siding will do. Join the fun. Share some pictures of freight being loaded or unloaded along your railroad empire (pictures of real trains are welcome, too).


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Thomas thanks for setting out the photo freight on the team track this morning!!  Your photo is one of my favorite Lionel promotional pics from back in the day.   It radiates pure joy for toy trains! ( Got to LOVE that Team Track tender! .... nice touch)

Today on Team Track One in Lower Patsburg the Big Hooker, in need of repair,  was spotted by a MOW switch engine early this morning before daybreak.  A repair crew has arrived to get this mighty beast in working order.  Word has it that later today the local way freight will be dropping off a flat car with a load that will need the assistance of Big Hooker.   IMG_5925

Cliff Barr, the guy on the left, has arrived.  Cliff is a senior mechanic with the FSJR mechanical dept.  Cliff can almost figure out and fix anything.  He's also president of his own company " Half - Fast Fixit Company" whose motto is " We can almost do a good job fixing  anything!"   Here, Cliff leans forward for a closer look. IMG_5930

Cliff directs Willie as he lays on the deck of the crane. IMG_5943

With Big Hooker back in working order, the flat car has arrived with a load of pipe.  The pipe is destined for the Patsburg Dept. of Public Works storage yard. Later the pipe will be used as water line replacement project to begin early this spring.  fullsizeoutput_500

Big Hooker has moved the final pipe from the flat car onto the flatbed trailer.  J&W Trucking will transport the load to the PDOPW yard on Lester Ave.  fullsizeoutput_4fd

With the Big Hooker back in working order, the pipes all loaded onto the flatbed trailer, the crew takes a well deserved break.  Cliff, an entrepreneur, has started a new side business ... producing energy bars.  He's given each crew member one of these new energy bars and he's asking for suggestions as to what to name these delicious new energy bars.  IMG_5988


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