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Any load. Any road!

Team Tracks and Transload facilities are siding or spur track for the use of local distributors, manufacturers, farmers, and other small businesses not directly served by a railroad. Because of their versatility, nearly any type of freight car can be on/offloaded here. Even passenger train head-end cars and maintenance-of-way equipment might occasionally be found on a team track.

Vintage Team Track : 05/29/2018


Join the fun. Share some pictures
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Thanks Abrail for continuing this thread each Tuesday!  I hope your MOW workers stay well hydrated in all that sweltering heat.

Today's TT & TT contribution is entitled:

                                 "How do you like dem Potatoes?"

On the FJSR team track 2 in Lower Patsburg a BAR State of Maine Products boxcar has arrived.  It's bill of lading states that the car is loaded with ....... you guessed it ..... patotoes!!  

The switch crew has spotted the car at the loading platform on team track two. ( Btw - I received this Lionel milk platform as  part of my first electric train,from Santa, when I was 4 years old. ) IMG_8525

Thats Jerry sliding the open the car's door.  He wanted to get the first peek of all dem potatoes. IMG_8529

Ralph the unloading supervisor just finished his coffee and has arrived on deck.  Jerry, now on the bed of the truck, is arranging the load which consists of barrels and huge sacks of spuds.  IMG_8534

Thats Fuzzy Simmons at the boxcar's doorway.  Fuzzy is part of the unloading crew.  He's imagining the pile of home fries all these potatoes would make.  Fuzzy's wife Ethel fixes him up some home fries every morning for breakfast.  Tonight she's gonna being serving Fuzzy some of her special Tatertot Casserole!  She say's that Fuzzy likes potatoes so much that one day he will turn into a spud.  IMG_8536


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Happy TTT!

The MOW crew has taken advantage of the Team Track depot to park their work truck on Track 2 and keep the main clear for the work train. The signal crew is installing new signals at a recently added grade crossing.

2017-04-22 08.47.142017-04-22 08.47.252017-04-24 20.48.542017-04-24 20.49.27

The crew foreman inspects the job at the end of the day and gives his approval for a job well done.

2017-04-24 21.00.39



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  • 2017-04-24 20.49.27
  • 2017-04-24 21.00.39

Looks like Lower Patsburg wasn't the only place receiving State of Maine potatoes. After the morning track repairs, This BAR boxcar found its way to Everett. Unloading finished hours ago.  All that's left are a few stray spuds, perfect for a hobo dinner.


Patrick, Awesome pics and wonderful story! It is great to see that your milk platform still has an important place in Lower Patsburg!

Bob, Yet another fine job from your crew. I may need to hire these guys to do some signal work in Everett.


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